Purple Mountain

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Purple Mountain is not the easiest of places to get to however, there is an hourly bus service from Nanjing train station. I would suggest maybe taking an organised tour, one website that I can really recommend which has great travel Idea’s is China Tours. Purple Mountain overlooks the city Zijin Shan, it gets its name from the distinctive colour of the rocks that are all over the mountain.

The mountain is a magnificent  area with many small hills covered in lush greenery such as bamboo groves. It also holds many  famous historical monuments i.e. The Mausoleum of Dr Yat-sen  and the Linggu temples.  I would suggest spending a whole day here as it is a massive area to cover with many hills and inclines, its definitely a trip for the more energetic traveller! However on the eastern side there is a cable car right up to the top although you will miss a lot of the interesting history, its still worth it just to see the picturesque views.

Amazing views

One of my favourite parts of the day was seeing the Mausoleum of Dr.Sun Yat-sen although the tiles are not the original yellow the building is still grand  and a sight to see. The building actually was redone in 1929 hence the white wall and blue roof as they represent the Nationalist party.

Another monument that shouldn’t be missed is the Linggu Pagoda which was also built on 1929, it stands a massive 61M and was designed in memory of the soldiers who were killed in the 1911 revolution.  During my time at the mountain I also visited Ming Xiao Ling, this is the tomb of the first Ming emperor Hongwu and his wife. It was completed in 1405 but has had to undergo a massive reconstruction after much of it was destroyed in the Taiping Rebellion.

Linggu Pagoda

Once at the top there is a small observatory tower which houses a display of bronze instruments which date all the way back to the 15th century, these were everyday items like a comb and a cup. Its such a Pleasant day out I would recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in Chinese history.If this account has inspired you to want to travel Beijing but don’t know where to start for some great low cost travel idea’s go to China Tours. Or if you need advice on hotels go to China Hotels.

Mausoleum of Dr.Sun Yat-sen


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