China is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. To have a travel to Beijing or a travel to Shanghai is always a good choice to spend your vacationTrain travel does have its merits. However, it takes more time. High speed is the strongest advantage of air travel, but the cost can be relatively high, too.

Is low fare air travel in China possible? Of course! It is no big deal and does not involve any magic or luck. It is just a matter of planning and flexibility.

No .1 Buy Early VS Buy Late

Early buying is recommended especially during peak travel periods, making reservations late in the game can cost you a lot of money. Airline ticket prices typically go up 21 days, 14 days, 7 days and 3 days before flying, so if you’re planning ahead, try to make the call before these deadlines. And if you’re traveling internationally, you’ll want to book even earlier — from three to six months in advance for the best deals.

However, everything is relative and nothing is absolute. Sometimes if you stand the suspense and just wait, you can buy tickets at the very last minute for a great price, if the airlines have failed to fill their planes. Many airlines offer weekly newsletters that feature their best last-minute deals.

No. 2 Standby Fares

Getting cheap standby tickets is possible. But nowadays only a few air lines offer the service. Inquire about it if you’re flying off-season. High season is a bad time to fly standby because most airlines overbook flights, making it difficult to find a spare seat.

No 3 Frequent Flier Miles

If possible, stay with the same airline during your entire trip, so you can receive round-trip or other connecting fare discounts, such as frequent flier miles .Why pay a fare at all when you can use your frequent flier miles? Although redeeming miles has become more difficult in recent years, it’s still a good option to consider, particularly if you’re booking early; airlines designate a very limited number of seats on each flight as eligible for award travel, and these seats go quickly.

No 4 Travel Packages

Ask the airline if it offers travel packages to save money in other areas. For instance, is a rental car or hotel room available at a discount along with the airline ticket?

No.5 Be Flexible

Be flexible in scheduling your flight. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are typically the cheapest days to fly; late-night flights, very early morning flights and flights with at least one stop tend to be discounted as well.

No 6 Shop Around

No matter how good it sounds, you should never book the first fare you see. Because only after comparing with others can you find out whether the stated fare is the cheapest. Always inquire about other options when speaking to the airline reservations clerk and if the internet is available, check more than one web site. If you don’t see anything in your preferred price range, don’t be afraid to bide your time and watch the fares for a bit. Most major booking sites have alert features that will e-mail you when your fare drops to a price you’re willing to pay.

No 7 Buy through Consolidators

Buy tickets through consolidators, who buy blocks of tickets and sell them at a discount to help an airline fill up all available seats.

By following those tips of course you can enjoy low fare air travel in China, but sometimes you are simply in such a hurry, or busy with other parts of your trip or want more time to enjoy yourself that you can not afford or do not want to waste the time in those planning and comparing, you can just pick up a China travel agent that you can trust and let it do everything for you.

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