A visit to the Lihengtang Pearl Market can be part of your China Tours! Take advantage of this offer as you’ll find your China travel a much more exhilarating experience.  However, before you visit the pearl market you’ll be able to grab the opportunity to visit the Qiuyiyuan Chinese restaurant.  The Qiuyiyuan Chinese restaurant is a traditional Chinese restaurant with traditional Chinese food and is included in your tour package with China Tours.  Visitors walk into the restaurant and you are kindly greeted by the wonderful waiting staff.  You don’t need to order your food as the food is ready and prepared for you for when you sit down.

As you sit down at the restaurant table you’ll find that the table has a glass top which is called a turn table.  The food sits on top of the turn table and the turn table spins round (hence, why it’s called a “turntable”) so that each person sat round the round table can help there selves to the dishes available which are placed on top of the turntable by the waitress.  You are given a plate, a bowl and chopsticks to eat with.

Chinese Cuisine

The dishes range from boiled rice, sliced crispy potato, egg and tomato, chicken and vegetable dishes, beef and vegetable dishes, a carrot dish and many more vegetarian dishes.  Remember though before you book your tour please let the tour operator aware of any dietary requirements so that this can be arranged for you.  Drinks on offer are fizzy drinks such as coke, lemonade and hot beverages such as Green Tea.  For dessert you have a choice of melon or a coffee but the coffee you got to buy your own from the mini bar inside the restaurant.

Having spent time with your fellow tour group at the restaurant you will then be guided to the Lihentang Pearl Market.  Outside the front entrance of the Pearl Market there is a huge tank filled with water.  Inside the tank contains large Oysters.  The group is asked to surround the tank of water and a tour guide representing the company discusses with the group about how pearls are made.   The tour guide asked a former colleague of mine within the group to choose which Oyster they would like the Oyster sample to come from.  She chose an Oyster and the tour guide picked out the Oyster from the tank.  When she picked out the Oyster she wrenched open the shell  of the Oyster and showed everyone the oyster inside the shell.

Pearl Oyster

The Oyster was massive and underneath this Oyster was a set of pearls.  She picked out the pearls and handed them over to everyone in the group to get a feel of what real pearls are.  After this small exhibition the tour guide took everyone up stairs to the show room.  Here you will find many pearls all manufactured into necklaces, bracelets, wrings.  The jewellery is made into all sorts of decorative works of art and is all different styles and colours.  You’re allowed to purchase many items from the pearl market.  They also sell hand, face cream and foot cream.  They make really great gifts for thanks giving, Christmas, New Year and as a birthday present.  They also sell other decorative pieces of work but it’s just a case of going a long and having a look.

After wondering around the pearl market you have the opportunity to go back downs stairs and enjoy a green tea or buy a coffee.  There are many pearl markets in Beijing I suggest doing some research as the pearl market I suggested is only available if you go with China Tours.  However, you’re allowed to find your own means of transport and there are many other pearl markets such as Beijing Hongqiao Market.  Maybe you can plough through Beijing Tours there’s plenty of opportunities there.

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