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Latte is an amazing and vibrant club located in the Workers Stadium In Sanlitun, it is a great place to go and socialise drink and generally have a great time! The club a part of a very well renowned line of clubs in Beijing, so naturally it has a lot of hype around it.

Outside of latte

Latte had a lot to live up to as the owners were the same as the once King of the clubs Chocolate and cappuccino. Latte didn’t let us down with its strange,tacky yet classy style. This is the place where the rich and powerful business men come out out to play and flaunt there wealth, if your lucky they will invite you to their deluxe table to feast upon the sumptuous fruit that is in abundant supply. Latte is worth the visit just for to experience the amazing show that they put on once an hour although very cheesy it’s very entertaining all the same!

Making Friends in latte

If your not up for pounding music and provocative dancing I would swerve latte, however if this sounds your scene thrown in with crowed sofa’s,thrones and creepy wall masks the doors are open until 6.00am most nights.

Good fun!!

The prices in this place are not for the faint heart-ed, as a simple beer will set you back 30RMB with a G&T costing 45RMB, if your really feeling like you want to splash the cash there is a wide range of champagne available starting at around 700RMB!

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  1. Christina says:

    i have been to latte before as well,i think its a great club but when I went with my friends we were not allowed to take photos, in fact, many of our cameras were taken from us before we entered! shame really, but it looks like you have captured the essence of what latte is in this blog… well done!

  2. Ronny says:

    I have actually been to this place and even went with friends who knew the manager. Well, about an hour into being at this place we were told by the ‘manager’ that we had to leave this place because we were ‘foreigners.’ I am also a white American who works here teaching Kindergarten for those who wish to classify me. Will not even try to spend money at another club with racist attitudes.

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