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As long as I can remember I have been a complete History geek, I love to learn about what happened in the past and spend alot of my free time reading books about the history. So when I started to read about China and realised its amazing history and culture, I knew I had to visit its the perfect place for me! I decided that the best and cheapest way to tour the history of China, was to take an organised tour the one. so after shopping around on the internet for a bit I decided to go on a China Tour .They had so many different ones to choose from  I was spoilt for choice. In the end I decided to take the 6 day essence which covered Xian,  the tour consists of 3 major sites: The Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and The Bell Tower . I was so excited to see all of them especially the Terracotta Warriors, which i’ve been wanting to see my whole life! China travel depot also organised all of my China Flights which saved me alot of time,effort and expense!

The first stop and in my eyes the best piece of history I have ever seen was the Terracotta Warriors . Although I was pretty tired from the long coach journey, I had a leap in my step! As we got closer it got busier , as one of Xi’an’s most popular places to visit the Terracotta Warriors are always full of excited tourist. As I walked in to the vast open viewing space where the Terracotta warriors, are I felt little goose bumps on my arm. -Im not sure whether this was because of the slight drop in temperature, or he fact that as I stood looking at the warrior it was very eire and ore inspiring at the same time. This was the most exciting sight of my life to date it was phenomenal!

In total there are an army of 7000 life size pottery soildeirs, horses ,even chariots and weapons. They are all set out in battle formation guarding the very prescious tomb of Emporor Qin Shi Hauang. The figures are believed to date all the way back to 210 BC, and amazingly were only discovered in 1974 by some local agricultural men who lived near by. Each warrior is totally unique and different from then next, they all have different facial expressions and clothing and are also all different heights.  it is thought that it took over 700,000 workers to construct this magnificent display. This was by far the best day and our tour guide was very knowledgeable, he  took us round and gave us little snippets of history which was much appreciated.

Terracotta Warriors

Th next day the tour took us to one of the most famous central landmarks of the city: The Bell tower this is the point which leads to the four most lucrative streets in Xian which go east,west north and south. Truly remarkable to see. The bell Tower is so special that soon sfter it was built it became a symbol for Xi’an, this is mainly because in ancient times the bell ringing once every hour was the only form of telling the time, so the people if the time relied on it for every day life. There is much mystery surrounding the tower with many thinking it has magical power many legands are based on this. The tower base is a square and stretches across 1,377 meters, the main structure which is made out of green bricks is 8.6 meters high and 35.5 meters wide it is a great sight to see I feel privilege to have been able to experience it!

Bell Tower by Night

The next stop was the Big wild Goose Pagoda, which is a stunning building that has been preserved beyond belief this is a ancient holy building for Buddhist. Agreat tip is to go out night, when it’s all lit it in my opinion it looks even more beautiful. The pagoda has been suject to a lot of change over the years, it was originally built during the reigin of emperor Gaong of tang. Originally the structure was built at 54m howveer due to constructional problems this fell down. About 5 decades later the empress Wu Zetian called for it to be reconstructed and for it to be bigger and better than the previous thus adding 5 new stories. However the massive earthquake of 1556 majorly damaged the amzing structure, so it was built againg but 3 stories less it is currently at 7 stories with a height of 64m  with a slight westernly lean. This building was great to see and offered great panoramic view over the beautiful city.

Sadly I had come to the end of my tour, and it was time to get on the coach again for the one day schlepp home. I wish I had more time to explore as Xian was literally crammed with history everywhere you turn there’s something to see! I had such a great time at all of these places there is so much more to see I will have to come back! If this account has inspired you to book a similar trip I would suggest logging onto china travel for some great tips and cheap solutions to travelling China.

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