If you want to Travel to Beijing and have a nice meal there, the buffets in Beijing may be a very good choice as there are lots of different foods to try. But which kind of buffets would you like to have? Here are some examples of different kinds of buffets for you to choose from during your time doing China Tours.

1.       Soilder Barbecue

In fact, this restaurant serves very good Japanese cuisine. The food here is well known because of its great variety of delicious dishes. Such as baked potato, mashed potatoes, puddings, pastries, pickled vegetables, kamahi, crab meat, prawn, conch, escargots, braised beef, bacon, poached egg, scramble eggs, boiled egg, stone fire pot, sushi, sake, roast meat and sashimi etc.

Features: Japanese cuisine

Location: The second floor of the Multinational Company Building in No.15 Xidawang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Opening time: 11:00 to 21:30

Tel: 010-57171999

Average consumption: 108 RMB

2.       City Wall Bistro

Phoenix tail prawns, grilled lobster, sea slugs with chicken cream, fried rice with shrimps, mixed sea slugs, sea slugs with brown sauce, sea slugs with chicken cream, sea slugs with crisp rice, mixed sea slugs, shrimp eggs & sea slugs, fried prawns with brown sauce, boiled Prawns with chili sauce, prawns with spiced salt etc. The list could go on as there are more than hundreds of dishes for you to enjoy!


Features: Seafood

Location: Marriott hotel in Dongcheng District.

Opening time: 6:00-24:00

Tel: 010-58118255  

Average consumption: 125 RMB

Ps: If you book your seat in advance of time, you can enjoy the discount of 50 percent. The prime cost is 268 RMB for one person.

 3.       Golden Jaguar

It is said that the Golden Jaguar serves the buffet experience on an enormous scale! For only 198RMB at lunch and 238RMB at dinner. You get a choice of over 400 separate dishes including Thai, Indian, Korean, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Chinese, Western and Japanese. A lot of the food is prepared to order and is renowned for being very good quality.

Location: 4/F The Place, 9 Guanghua Lu,CBD/Guomao

Tel: 6553-8888

Opening time:  Mon-Fri 11am-10:30pm, Weekends 10:30am-10:30pm

Average consumption: 300-399 RMB

4.       Peral

People in Guangdong are very particular about the food they eat. So the Guangdong cuisine is famous for its expensive ingredients and excellent cooking skills. Here are some famous ones: Fried Muscle with Fruit Juice, Dragon-King Appetizer Plate, Sweet & Sour Pork, Stewed Pig Tripe with Chamomile, Fried Crab Meat with Shredded Ginger, Steamed Live Garoupa, Fish-Flavored Scallops, Vegetables with White Fungus, Swimming Bladder Stuffed with Minced Shrimp, “Snow Flake” Shark’s Fins, Beef Fillet with Black Pepper, Boiled Fish Balls, Fried Crab with Egg-White.

Features: Guangdong food

Location: Oppose of the IKEA in Chaoyang District., Beijing.

Opening time: 24 Hours

Tel: 010-58271888 58653888 

Average consumption:102 RMB

5.       Shunjing Hot Spring Hotel

This is a hotel with hot spring and buffet. After relaxing yourself in the pleasant hot spring, you can enjoy a buffet in the same hotel. What’s more they will give you free fruit and fruit juice. A quick tip: If you buy the tickets in large numbers at one time, it will be cheaper than 200 RMB per person.

Features: buffet & hot spring

Location: the first floor of Marriott hotel in Dongcheng District., Beijing.

Opening time: 6:00-24:00

Tel: 010-58118200

Average cost : 200 RMB

Hope that these buffet restaurants wet your appetite and made you want to visit. Wish you have a nice time in China and for more information, please check china travel.


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