Forbidden City

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The Forbidden City is located in the centre of Beijing it’s very easy to get to by public transport as many bus routes pass by the Forbidden City, behind there is also Tianaman Square subway station. However if you would like to travel in luxury I would recommend going with China Tours here you will be able to custom make your trip to suit your needs!

Forbidden city

The Forbidden City houses the ancient imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, it is the world’s largest surviving palace complex and covers 178 acres. Once inside it is a maze of buildings and status there are actually 980 buildings in total which took over 500 years to construct. Each room Is ornately decorated with red walls and jewels, it is a spectacular sight to see the roofs are all a golden which is beautiful when the sun shines down on to them. Everywhere you look there is something to see it is such a big complex that you could be there for hours and still not see everything it has to offer. The Forbidden City was made with great care every minuet detail was considered it such a beautiful place to visit.

The Forbidden City is divided into town parts the outer court and the inner court. The outer court covers the southern sections and was traditionally used for ceremonial purposes. The inner court which is the northern sections was where the emperor and his family actually lived this is where they spent the majority of there time.The Forbidden City is surrounded by a 7.9 metres high bright red wall this was  built to protect the Emperor and his family it runs all the way round teh outside. The Forbidden city now also is the home or the palace Museum which has some really exciting things to see.

Every corner is steeped in history this is why I would recommend taking an organized tour as it is very difficult to navigate your way round and its very interesting to hear what each building was used for and why it was built.

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