Book Shanghai Flights and explore Shanghai, surely you will have wonderful experience here. Shanghai, nowadays, has been well-known by tourists all over the world; during their china travel one  city which can not be missed is Shanghai.

Shanghai is located in the east of China and faces the China East Sea. With the marine transport and air transport, Shanghai has received millions of travelers. What’s more, being the largest city in China, Shanghai is the economic, financial, trading, and shipping center of China mainland. Owing to the fact that Shanghai has a profound modern urban culture and many historical monuments, it is now reputed as an international metropolis. In the next few years, Shanghai is committed to becoming an international financial center and shipping center.  Shanghai has international airports, such as Pudong International Airport. Many international airlines have flights to Shanghai, such as Air Canada, Air France, British Airways, Continental Airlines, and so on. Therefore, it is very convenient to travel to Shanghai by air.

Top attractions

The Bund is the classic image of Shanghai and the city’s main attraction. Sweeping along the western side of the Huangpu River, the majestic buildings date back to Shanghai’s grandest days. Many banks and financial companies built impressive offices here in the early 20th century when Shanghai was the financial capital of Asia. The city side of The Bund is packed with classic architecture. Buildings to look out for include the old Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, the Customs House and its landmark clock, the Bank of China and the Peace Hotel.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower located in Pudong, stands a staggering 468 meters making it the tallest tower in Asia. Tourists can go to several observatory decks and in clear weather can get a superb view of The Bund and Shanghai, as well as Sheshan, Chongming Island and the Huangpu River in the distance. The tower also has a hotel, revolving restaurant, karaoke parlors and bars.


Yuyuan Garden is a traditional Chinese park complete with beautiful pavilions, miniature lakes, bridges and rock formations. This small park is located in the heart of Shanghai’s old Chinese quarter and links to Yuyuan Market. Built in 1559, in the Suzhou style by a high official in honor of his father, the garden has maintained its classic beauty over the centuries. The Pavilion of Spring in the northeast section of the park is famous for being the headquarters of the anti-imperialist “Little Sword Society”, who in 1853 led an uprising against Qing rule and occupied Shanghai for 17 months. Weapons, coins and other objects used by the society are now housed in an exhibition hall.

Actually, there are many other attractions in Shanghai, and also famous restaurants. Shanghai is China’s biggest port city, since ancient time, it was thronged by traders from all over the world and was densely populated with both Chinese and foreigners. Different cultures can find their positions or even blend with each other here. Generally speaking, restaurants in Shanghai feature the various kinds of dishes, like Beijing food, Yangzhou food, Wuxi food, Catonese food, Hangzhou food, and Shanghai’s local dishes. Moreover, you can find famous dishes from many countries, such as western cafes, American food, Japanese food, Indian food, Korean food, and more.One of the famous Shanghai snacks is Crab-brown Flaky Pastry. It is crispy, delicious, aromatic and as brown as the color of a cooked crab. The fillings include green onions, pork, crab meat, shrimp, sugar, mashed beans, and jujube paste. All these snacks are delicious and you can have a try.

So, Travel to Shanghai and explore here yourselves.

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