If you want to Travel to Beijing, china, one of the most important thing is to find a hotel there. But how will you find the hotel which fits all your requirements? Asking a travel department for help is the best choice perhaps. For example, the china travel department offers a large range of hotel in different prices for your China Tours.

First, you should find their webside on the internet. It is the http://www.chinatraveldepot.com/CH1C5-5-stars-Beijing-Hotels. You need to find the column in the left side where you can fill in your information. Fill in the name of the city (your destination in China), the check in date, the check out date, the number of rooms and the class of your room. Then if you have some particular requirements about the brand of the hotel, such as 7 days Inn, Super 8, Orange etc, just choose it in the “hotel group” list. Then press the “search button”. For example, I click all my requirements as shown in the right picture and start to search.

Secondly, all the results it found is shown in a brief map of Beijing( the picture on the left side). The advantage of this search is it shows the results in a map first with blue signs. You can click the blue button to get a view of the hotel. In this way, you can find the hotel in the exaectly district that you want to live in. The map is basic on the Google map, so you can get a closer look on the hotel you choose by magnifying the picture.

Thirdly, you have decided which district and hotel to live in and click the button of the hotel to have a detail view. Generally, the detail view of a hotel includes the hotel policy, hotel features, price of standard rooms, other room types and hotel facilities. What is more, it offers pictures of the hotels for you to have a closer view. If you can not make the decision at once, you may check the “travelers review” and see how others feel about it.

The last step is “book it”. By the way, you need to be a registered user of the china travel department. It only requires you to fill in some basic member information.

In addition, you can also find your hotels in Beijing by using the”hotels by theme”. You can find a various kinds of hotels in Beijing, such as the business hotels, budget hotels, romantic hotels, exhibit hotels, hot spring hotels, one night for free hotels, landscape hotels, china airport hotels etc.

Hope you have a nice journey in China, check more information on china travel.

Jack Li

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