When foreign visitors want to come to china travel, one of the most important things they need take into account is the Visa Card. In the following article, I will show you some FAQ about China Visa Application and I hope it will be helpful for your China Tours.

Firstly, some foreign visitors asked if they need a visa to China, except Hong Kong and Macau. The answer is yes. Foreigners who visit China are generally required to apply for a visa before departure, but some aliens are exempt from a visa to Mainland China, for example, ordinary passport holders from Singapore, Brunei and Japan enjoy visa free access to Mainland China for up to 15 days. Secondly, the place where you submit your visa application is Chinese Embassy.  For entry into China, aliens should apply for visas from Chinese Embassies or Consulates. Each Embassy or consulate has its own consular districts. Usually, applicants are required to lodge their application to the relevant Embassy or Consulate according to consular districts. For example, if you live in Idaho, you should submit application to Chinese Embassy in USA. Applicants who reside or travel away from their country can apply for visas at a local Chinese Embassy or Consulate. By the way, Shenzhen and Zhuhai are the Special Economic Zones; they can issue a special economic zone tourist visa to aliens at the entry ports. Shenzhen issues Single-Entry Tourist Visa with 5 days of stay in Shenzhen at the entry ports. Aliens can also apply for Zhuhai Single-Entry Tourist Visa with 3 days of stay in Zhuhai at the entry ports. The best time for you to submit your visa application is only 1 or 2 months before your planed date to enter China. Of you apply for the visa too late, you may not have enough time for the application. If you apply for the visa too early, the visa may become invalid before your departure for China. Generally, the validity of a single-entry visa is 3 months, counted from the date of application. Thirdly, the easies way to get the visa application form is download it from the internet; moreover, the application is also offered by the embassy or consulate for free. Fourthly, if you can’t go to the embassy or consulate in person, the visa application can be presented by someone else, such as your friends, relatives, visa agency or travel agency, but the visa application form should be completed and signed by yourself. Someone else can pick up your visa for you as long as he can show the “Pick Up Form”. And keep in mind that most of Chinese embassies and consulates don’t accept visa application by mailing. You should visit the official website of Chinese embassy or consulate to check whether it accepts application by mailing or not. Even though the Visa Mail Service is available, the embassy or consulate is not responsible for the loss or damage of your passport and other documents due to mishandling by mail service. Generally speaking, it takes 4 working days for processing the visa application. Many embassies or consulates also provide 1 working day service or 2 – 3 working days service, but you need pay extra money for the service.
fifthly, the visa fees vary greatly according to your nationality, the number of entries, the country you are applying in and whether you need an express service or not. Generally speaking, the visa fees are more expensive if the visa has more number of entries.

After getting your visa card to China, you can take China Flights and explore the amazing country yourself.

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