There goes the saying that, “East or west, Guilin landscape is best.” Better yet, “Yangshuo landscape is the best in Guilin.” Scenery in Guilin is famous for its karst topography in the world. How can you miss the Guilin Tours in your china travel? This time I want to provide several routes for your 24hour travel in Guilin.

One day tour in Guilin City

09:00: Elephant Trunk – It is the badge of Guilin City, towered in Lijiang River: there is a water moon cave, a round open space between the elephant trunk and its body. These two consist of Xiangshanshuiyue, one of the top 8 ancient scenic spots in Guilin.

10:00: Fubo Hill Park – Famous for wonderful eddy scenery: this park integrates hills, water, caves, stones, kiosk, garden and cultural relics together.

11:00: Folded Brocade Hill – The nice place to overlook Guilin panorama: there rocks layer transverse, colors and green cross, just like various colors layering.

Lunchtime: You can order a bowl of Guilin Rice Noodles, one of the most famous flavors.

14:00: Seven-star Park – The largest comprehensive park in Guilin: it has relief groups which concentrate Chinese 5000 years history and culture, called Huaxiazhiguang and the oldest arched stone bridge. Huaqiaohongying (flowered bridge and red shadow) and Hushanchixia (Hu Mount with rays of the sun) are another two of the top 8 ancient scenic spots in Guilin. Besides, you can visit Camel Mountain and the place where Bill Clinton, once the U.S. president, gave his speech. Seven-star Cave and Reed Flute Cave are the two famous caves in China and they were famous tour caves in ancient China. If you have great interest in caves, both of them can not be missed or you can visit Seven-star Cave when you travel to the Seven-star Park or go to Reed Flute Cave without visiting Seven-star Cave.

15:30: Reed Flute Cave – The nature of art palace: the cave are filled with dainty and exquisite stalactites. And the most famous TV series—Journey to the West had gotten some views in the crystal palace in the cave.

Dinnertime: Find a high class restaurant or try some other Guilin snacks. If the weather is good you can wander along Lijiang River by bike, enjoying its amazing and cozy night beauty!

One day Tour with Li River Scenery

You can join a touring party owning this one day package. Generally the tour bus will bring you to Mopan Mount Dock and there you can get on board.

09:30: You will start up for your 4 hours long trip along Li River: pay attention to the notice from guide on the ship. There will be a guide who will tell you the exact point to watch amazing scenery along the river.

Nine horses pictured on the mount by nature, ships sails on the top of green hills, fisherman leisure fishing, farmers cultivating and even shepherd singing etc. All these things will unfold in front of you during your river trip. Translated from Chinese ancient poets, it can be described as “Boat floats on the river while people tour in the picture.”

14:00: Arrive at Yangshuo and depart the ship: Yangshuo West Street is filled with western culture. Restaruants and arts & crafts shops have decorations Chinese and Western styles combined. Locals sell fruit along the street and most can speak fluent English. There you may get less language barriers.

After visiting Yangshuo West Street the tour comes to an end and you can go back to your Guilin Hotels with the tour bus or spend the rest of the evening at a nearby bar.

If you have enough time, these two routes can be arranged in two days. Even you can spend more days in Yangshuo, which has an untouched paradise and those western style shops and bars.

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