Do you know where China is? Do you know the lives of local Chinese people? Do you want to have an adventurous china travel? If so, just join us on China Tours and find your answers here.

China is located in the east of Asia, and faces the Pacific Ocean. With its vast territory and abundant resources, China attracts many tourists each year who want to discover this amazing country with its varied scenery and interesting culture.. In the following article, I will share some travel tips with you.

Tips on Flights

When searching for flights, we usually want to find some discounts. I recommend a reliable and reputable travel agency in China called China Youth Travel Service (CYTS) .You can find hotel, flights, deals, and cruise information on its website– Generally speaking, you type in the date, time, destination and departure airport, and then you will get all the information about the flight you are looking for. The advantage of doing this is that you can find competitive prices by comparing different airline tickets.

Tips on Hotels

Having a good rest during your stay is very important as it will give you enough energy to visit everything you want to see in China. Therefore it is necessary to find a comfortable hotel to stay in. In China there are different types of hotels, from three-star to five-start accommodation and from luxury hotels and family hotels to cheaper hostels and inns and so on. In fact, family hotels are very popular amongst travelers, because they can be more comfortable and the prices are very reasonable. A good example is Jinjiang Inns. It is a famous brand in China’s budget hotel brand and the best of its kind because it is clean, cheap, new, and well located. Besides, Jinjiang Inns features a variety of room types that will meet your overnight requirements. The quality of the bedding will guarantee your good night’s dream, and the uncomplicated modern room design will lessen your stress. Jinjiang Inn is internationally known as the ideal resting place for business travelers or tourists, whichever you may be.

Tips on Travel Package

When you are making your travel itinerary, there are a few tips you need to know. Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to travel in a group or by yourself. If you want to travel in a group, it is best to find a travel agency, as they can make a clear itinerary for you, and you do not have to worry about the transport, the accommodation and all the other details. However, if you prefer to travel alone, you will need to find some travel tips on the internet or go to your friends who have travel experience for help. Therefore I believe that it is better for a new traveler to travel in a group so that they have less stress and feel safer.

Tips on Traffic

Here, I will take Beijing for example. Nowadays, Beijing has an efficient traffic system, such as the taxis, buses and the subway. It is very easy for you to travel around Beijing. The subway in Beijing is very fast and convenient, there are more than ten lines and many tourist attractions are connected with the subways, such as The Summer Palace, which is on Line 4. Usually there will be a subway every three minutes, the first departure time is at 5:30 in the morning and the last departure time is at 11:00 in the evening. You can also transfer whenever you need to, but keep an eye on your luggage as there is a security check before you get on the train.

So, this is our china travel, go and  book your China Flights and have a great trip.

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