Since Tibet opened itself to the outside world, more and more people come to visit this sacred land all year around. The most famous city of Tibet is Lhasa which accumulates a lot of attractions such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Gandan, Sera and Trupeng monasteries, and Namco Lake. It usually takes several days to get a little knowing about Lhasa. So, economy hotels are needed for saving money during your Tibet Tours. In the following I will provide some information of the comfortable economy hotels in Lhasa for those who Travel to Tibet.

1.     Tibet Linyuan Hotel, Lhasa

Tibet Linyuan Hotel is a 3-star business hotel which provides services including accommodation, food and entertainment. Located in the center of Lhasa, at the back of Potala Palace, this hotel can surely satisfy people who like to view the night scenery of Potala while lying in bed. Besides, this hotel is faced with Longwangtan Park which is the first park in Lhasa to combine classical and modern designs together. What’s more, as an economy hotel, the offer of the hotel is less than 200 RMB.

Address: Linkuo North Road No. 25, Lhasa, Tibet

2.    Lhasa Guangchang Hotel

Lhasa Guangchang Hotel is a comprehensive hotel integrating food, accommodation, meeting and entertainment. It is known for its safety, convenience, economy and health. It is also located at the foot of Potala, near to Jokhang Temple to the east, Norbulingka to the west, and also Barkhor Street. The perfect location will save you a lot of time and money. Besides, it has a variety of facilities such as business center, multi-functional meeting rooms, hair and beauty salon and health care center. It also offers very low prices, less than 200 RMB.

Address: Kang’an East Road No. 4, Lhasa, Tibet

3.    Lhasa Mintai Hotel

Lhasa Mintai Hotel is also in the center of Lhasa, 50 meters west of Jokhang Temple and 300 meters east of Potala Palace. It provides many kinds of rooms such as presidential suites, suites, Tibetan suites, business room, landscape room and single rooms. Other facilities are like restaurants, tea house, parking lot and meeting room. Except presidential rooms, the prices they offer are between 100 and 200 RMB.

Address: Yutuo Road No.17, Lhasa, Tibet

4.   Lhasa Shengya Hotel

Located in the center of Lhasa, Lhasa Shengya Hotel is aother comfortable economy hotel. It is only 150 meters to Potala Palace and 5 minutes’ walk to Drepung Monastery. It provides comfortable rooms for singles, lovers, and business people at a low price. Tea house, restaurant, meeting room and business center are all available.

Address: Beijing Middle Road No.45, Lhasa, Tibet

5.  Lhasa Shengdu Hotel

Lhasa Shengdu hotel is a 3-star economy hotel situating at the middle section of Zangre Road. It offers altogether 86 rooms including 1 single room, 2 suites, 6 deluxe rooms and 77 standard rooms. Each room has an air conditioner and international telephone and 24 hours water (cold and warm). The prices can be lower than 150 RMB.

Address: Middle Zangre Road, Lhasa, Tibet

The above hotels are all very economical and comfortable. Usually, they offer prices no more than 200 RMB. However, their good location makes them very popular. So, don’t forget to book in advance. For more hotels, you can click China Hotels.

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