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If you have finished your Travel to Guilin and Guangzhou in China south areas, I think it is time to go to Jingdezhen as your next stop in China Tours. As China and china are definitely the same word, china can be one of the representative things in China (chinae is china). Jingdezhen is the best destination for you to know more history about Chinese ceramics.

A little background

Jingdezhen, known as the capital of Chinese porcelain, is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province. It has a history of 1700 years about porcelain. Jingdezhen porcelain is known to be “as white as jade, as thin as paper and as melodious as chime sound”. And Jingdezhen is the center of Five Mounts and Two Lakes scenic spot. This spot consists of Yellow Mountain, Mount Lu, Dragon and Tiger Mountain, Sanqing Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain, Qiandao Lake and Poyang Lake.

Transportation: Luojia Airport, 8km away from Jingdezhen. It is also called Jingdezhen Airport. And it has air routes opened up to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Wuhan. Jingdezhen Railway Station, located in the downtown, has trains to Beijing, Nanjing, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Qingdao, Kunming, Guangzhou and Nanchang.

Porcelain Attractions

Gaoling Mountain—40km away from Jingdezhen. It is the origin place of porcelain raw materials in ancient ceramics. And KAOLIN, the international mineralogy noun, stems from this mountain. Now you can see amounts of relics and human heritage there. People name the stacks of piled up white tailings as scenery of floating snow covered the mountain.

Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Ruins Museum: it is the relic of imperial ceramics in Ming and Qing dynasty. This imperial kiln once was the aggregation of kiln wares from all over the world in ancient time. And most of porcelain auctioned with highest price overseas came from the kiln. Jingdezhen Government made the best of it and protects it well. Now you can see lively production process.

Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute: the only professional institution of high learning in ceramic. There are china on display made by teachers and students. You can take some class here to learn a little professional knowledge about.

Besides, if you go with kids, you can take them to Jingdezhen Ceramic School. This school is the training basement for middle and primary students.

Chinese Ceramic City: it is comprehensive porcelain market. There you can go sightseeing, shopping, and arts exchange.

Porcelain attractions mentioned above refers to academic exchange and shopping etc.

Except these ones, you can also go to other scenic spot such as the Five Mounts and Two Lakes.

Since tea culture has developed well in Jiangxi, you can also go to see the origin place of famous tea called “Yayu”. It is Wanghu Village in Yaoli.

I think that Jingdezhen could be one of the destinations for your Jiangxi tours. Because there are many other wonderful places. For example, Wuyuan, as the most beautiful countryside in China, is worth of your visiting. So your Jiangxi tours could consist of both natural beauties and historic sites. And you can book your fly tickets in China Eastern Airlines.

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