Foreign travelers may have more interest in china travel, for here they can enjoy the historical sites, the scenery, and more. However, for most new comers, they have no idea where to start when  making  their itinerary, and so I will share some of my experience with you, and hopefully it will help you when you are booking your China Tours.

The itinerary which I recommend to you is from  Beijing to Pingyao to Datong to Taiyuan; it is featured by its cultural heritages. Pingyao, Datong and Taiyuan are cultural cities in Shanxi Province, which is located in the west of China. You can either fly there or take a train, it is up to you…

First stop: Beijing

It is well-known that Beijing is the capital of China, and a famous tourism city. A lot of travelcompanies have attracted millions of tourists  all around the world. However, the most popular travel destinations in China are no longer the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City. Now people want to explore the ancient Hutongs and Beijing is famous for its Hutong Cultural. It is said that there are more than one thousand of Hutongs in Beijing, and each of them has their own names, some are named by Chinese heroes’ name, some are named by local people, in my point of view, it is more interesting to travel to these Hutongs than going shopping. Yesterday, I visited one of the famous Hutongs in Beijing, which is called Houhai, and I am sure you have heard about it. Here, you can appreciate the peaceful Beijing Hutong culture, but also enjoy yourselves in the unique bars.

Second stop: Shanxi Province

Shanxi is located in the west of China, and it only takes six hours to get there if you are on your journey by train, and if you go there by flights, it will be more convenient and faster.

Datong is the second largest city in Shanxi, and is known by the locals as the coal capital for a good reason. Datong coal is everywhere: tons of it powering the whole of Shanxi and other cities beyond, piles of it chugging along the roads around town in Soviet style off-blue trucks, smears of it discovered on a face-wiped handkerchief. The city is one of China’s most polluted and not only asthma sufferers should think twice before spending any amount of time in the city. Industrial and economic development has bounded in great leaps since the communists came to power in 1950, and huge swathes of the city have been altered into concrete. Despite all this travelers still have a few huge incentives to visit Datong, incentives that are all related to the town’s ancient past.

Pingyao is one of the world cultural heritages, and is well-known as the ancient city. Pingyao ancient city is a typical country of rural countries in North China—simple and steeped in ancient tradition. What’s different is that this country is linked firmly to a certain prosperous time in Chinese history. It played an important role in the economic development of Shanxi during Ming and Qing Dynasties. Popular local staple food in Pingyao is mainly wheaten products like noodles and clay over rolls.

Taiyuan is the capital city of Shanxi Province. Located in the center of the province, it is also the political, economic and cultural center of Shanxi.Taiyuan is a city bounded on three sides by mountains. It has a long history and in ancient times was an important military town. At present, Taiyuan is one of China’s heavy industrial cities and account for more than half the national coal mining output.

After all I have mentioned above, are you going to join us and find more funs here? Act now and book a China Flights.

Jack Li

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