China now is the most famous tourism country which has attracted millions of tourists coming from the world. China Tours is not a new world any more, and travel fans are going to have a look at this beautiful country, so just book a China Flights and join us.

For most new comers, the most attractive city in China is Beijing. It is the capital of China, and the political and cultural center of this country. Now, I will be your guide for Beijing Travel, and share some travel tips. Hope you have a better understanding of this beautiful city.

Historical views

Beijing has a long history and was built in Qing Dynasty, the well-know sites were constructed during this time, such as the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, and many others.

The Forbidden City, also known as the National Palace Museum, is located in the center of Beijing. It is the Ming and Qing imperial palace of two generations, unparalleled masterpieces of ancient architecture; it was the largest remaining in the world and the most complete ancient buildings. Hailed as the world’s first top-five Palace, the Forbidden City was commissioned by the third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Yong Le. The palace was built between 1406 and 1420, but was burnt down, rebuilt, sacked and renovated countless times, so most of the architecture you can see today dates from the 1700’s and on wards. The Forbidden City was the seat of Imperial power for 500 years, and is now a major tourist attraction in China. It was said that there are more than 9 thousands rooms in the Forbidden City; can you imagine that it will take more than 20 years if you want to live in the rooms, one by one? Yes, that’s it! I guess maybe this is the most amazing characteristics of the ancient buildings and that’s why people always want to have a visit here.

Royal Garden

One of the most wonderful royal gardens is the Summer Palace; it is another favorite among tourists sightseeing in Beijing. Indeed, it is one of the best parks in the city. Originally it was a retreat for emperors to escape the hot summer heat of Beijing. The Summer Palace was used by emperors for 800 years, but fell into disuse in the 18th century. Then in the 19th century, the Empress Dowager Cixi made massive renovations and restored many buildings using money funneled out from the state treasury. In the park, both the mountains and the lake will give you a totally different northern view of China.

Olympic Games Sites

It is well-known that China has hold the 29th Olympic Games and many brand-new stadiums have been building for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The National Stadium, also know as the Bird’s Nest, and Water Cube – National Swimming Center are the most popular ones among them. The National Stadium was the main track and field stadium for the 2008 Summer Olympics and has hosted to the Opening and Closing ceremonies, even thought the Olympic Games was over, the stadium now is used to hold famous music concert, famous musicians such as Langlang, and others have played here, you can have a good appreciate the amazing performs. Another famous one is the Water Cube; it is famous as the paradise of Water. When the night comes, the cover of the Water Cube is colorful, changing its “clothes” every ten minutes.

Beijing has been the World City, with modern facilities and ancient historical sites, that’s one of the reasons why it is so popular in the world. However, after Beijing Tours you can have a view to other cities, such as Travel to Shanghai, Travel to Xi’an, and many other beautiful attractions, in all, China will never disappoint you.

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