Chengdu, which is the provincial capital of Sichuan province, is said to be the most comfortable city to live in China. Although this city is in the western part of China, it combines both the fashion modern city and the relaxing living style. For travelers, the biggest attraction of Chengdu must be their typical and genuine Sichuan food. It is still a hot spot for china travel, though the catastrophic earthquake in 2008. Below is the information for those travelers who are tired of Shanghai or Beijing Tours.

Cultural background of Chengdu. Travelling in different cities in China, the first thing you may need to know is their histories. Chengdu area used to be called as “Shu”(蜀), and now this short name is still used as the abbreviation of Sichuan province. There is an old saying that the elders are not suitable to read “Three Kingdoms” (the classical novel in Four Volumes), while the youngsters would better not enter “Shu”—Chengdu. The reason isthat the climates, plenteous resources, and living styles in Chengdu have been quite relaxing in a long history and it is similar to the “Eastern Italy”. Chengdu is also the center of Buddhism and Taoism, especially the Taoism. Chengdu is the source of Taoism. It was formed since Han Dynasty (126 A.D.) and it became nation-wide rapidly during the Tang Dynasty. In Chengdu, a lot of holy men or Taoist priests are gathering in many mountains these days. So if you have chance to visit Chengdu, these temples and holy mountains (Qing Cheng mountain and Snow Mountain) are the must-see attractions.

Transportations in Chengdu. I do recommend travelling by vehicles in Chengdu, as this city, even the downtown area, is full of mountain paths. If you are a fan of mountain cycling, then Chengdu is the best place for practice. The bus tickets is RMB 1 yuan and RMB 2 yuan for buses with air conditioners. If you are not sure about the bus directions, just take a bus to “Tian Fu Square” at first. Here you can take any buses to wherever you want. The starting price for taxi is RMB 5 yuan and RMB 1.4 yuan for each additional 1 km. And the motor three-wheeled vehicle, the local name “Pa Er Duo” (耙耳朵) starts at RMB 2 yuan. Chengdu is the largest transportation center of railway in Southwestern China. The direct trains can reach to Beijing, Xi’an, Kunming, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, etc. Within Sichuan province, there are many tourism express trains to Guangyuan, Yibin, and Pan Zhi Hua. The railway tickets are sold in many agencies in downtown, as well as the railway stations.

Foods in Chengdu. This is the most important part of Chengdu travel must be the foods there. And that is always my favorite item during trip. First, the Sichuan Dan Dan noodles (担担面) and stewed chicken soup. The direction is to take bus route 4 and get off at Babao street. Besides the Hong Guang cinema, there is an old fame restaurant where provides the most genuine these foods with only RMB 8 yuan. But you need to arrive there early, because they will close by noon. Ms Chen Mapo tofu is served in the historical restaurant opposite “Qing yang palace”. You can take bus route 27 and 5. Tan Tofu desserts are another must-try food in Chengdu. Take the route 4 and get off at “Bei Xiangzi”. Then ask anybody there, you will find this small but famous shop. And the price is RMB 5 yuan.

When you travel in China, Chengdu is the place you can never miss. The Sichuan food is quite well-known in China Towns all over the world. But in Chengdu, you will find the true various Sichuan foods. And the information about Chengdu Flights can be found in the flights section of chinatraveldepot.

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