If you are stuck for ideas on what to do for a nights entertainment while you are on your china travel and not exactly sure what to do, why not go and see the Acrobatics show from your China Hotels.  It took a while to apprehend at first and wondered what an Acrobatic show was.  In the west you would go and see the ballet or go and watch a theatre production.  But in Beijing “out of many stage performances” Beijing are open to go and see the Acrobatics show.  Such an overwhelming culture shock.  Some of these moves are no circus acts.

Oozing with energy this entertainment is not to be missed.  It is believed that the performers are trained at a very young age and eventually grow into being an Acrobatics stage performer.  This is why the performers know how to put the audience on edge.  In Beijing and Shanghai one can see breath – holding acrobatics and in a few words the best way to describe it and so forth, this show can be so demanding in the timing and balancing skill it is a verge to the almost impossible.

Beijing Acrobatics lift

After the show I couldn’t help but hear someone say “I couldn’t believe it when I was in the theatre watching all the flashing light effects and loud music watching five girls performing bridge balancing one by one on each other’s shoulders right in the centre of the stage.  The girl at the bottom must have been very strong to bare all that weight.”

If you’re an acrobatics enthusiast there are many Acrobatic shows to go and see in Beijing (and in Shanghai).  This is not to be missed by the young or the old.  There is a cycling show in the centre of the stage with a big wheel going round, manned by two men running inside the wheel doing many back flips and dangerous moves.

The group show is also a favourite with the ten cycling girls finally all ending up on a bicycle with their fans spread out like a peacock.  There are also girl performers who seem so spineless that they can bend and fold their bodies to a position where the feet clasp the face and the head and hands are still able to balance glasses.

Beijing Acrobats, Spinning Balancing Discs

Other performances include martial arts, balancing of bowls, tight rope walking, pole climbing, roller skating and plate swirling.  It is great entertainment in such a short space of time.  Chinese acrobatics have thought to go back way into (475 – 221 BC) nearly two thousand years old.  Back then fire eating was largely infiltrated, knife swallowing and tight rope walking were regular features.  Shows were performed for the Imperial court.  However, with new technologies Acrobatics have taken to the indoor stage.

Success of acrobatics these days depend on good stage arts like images, music, choreography and costumes backed up by props and lighting.  The frequent local competitions in China for acrobatic excellence have made China a nation unique in an oriental form of acrobatics that is second to none in the world.

If this has inspired you to go to the Acrobatics show then don’t forget to go to China Tours.  You too can experience this exciting opportunity.  Tickets can be obtained for the Chaoyong Juchang and the Tiandi Juchang.

Jack Li

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