These days the temperature in Beijing has gone up and autumn has returned to us again. My friend and I had been very excited in the past few weeks, dreaming of viewing red leaves which are said to be a must-see attraction for Beijingers every year. Finally we realized our dream at Baiwang Mountain Forest Park yesterday. That was a comfortable experience. I’d like to share it with people who love Beijing Tours, especially eco-Travel to Beijing.

To tell you the truth, we had planned to view red leaves in the Fragrance Hills which are said to be the best place for autumn sceneries and we did try to go there yesterday. However, we took the wrong route and happened to go past Baiwang Mountain Forest Park which we hadn’t heard of. To save time, we just changed our destination and went back into Baiwang Mountain Forest Park which also attracted a lot of people.

From the introduction of the Mountain inside the park, we know that Baiwang Mountain is an offshoot of TaiHang Mountain and is called “the Outpost of TaiHang”. Its peak is 210 meters high. Obviously it wouldn’t be very demanding for climbers. So we decided to climb to the top of the mountain. We climbed along the main road winding around the mountain, some sections of which are steep and some are relatively flat. It was very interesting to hike in this mountain with so many people. Climbers were from all ages. Some were as young as little babies who were carried by their mums or dads; some were seniors who need a stick during climbing; other climbers were energetic people like us who enjoyed our light walking all the way. 

Although it was at the end of October, we still couldn’t see large areas of red leaves. Instead, most of the leaves were dark yellow. Despite the fact, we could still view picturesque sceneries along the road: on the hills along the road there are thickly-dotted smoke trees which extend their twining branches around their neighbors, forming an arch connecting the sky above the two sides of the road.

Waking through such an arched corridor, you would feel like you were in a picture. Breathe deeply and you can feel the fragrant smell of trees and leaves. In fact, this mountain is also called “Oxygen Source” because of its primitive vegetation. So, don’t forget to take deep breaths when you come here.

When we climbed to the top of the mountain, we could have a bird view of the whole mountain. It is a colorful mountain dressed in a charming costume made by various trees with interlacing colors. Besides the mountain, you could also have a glimpse of the modern buildings of Beijing which are densely but neatly dotted.  


Besides the beautiful sceneries of mountains and trees, this park is also known for its steles including stele pavilions, corridors and walls. On these steles are paintings, calligraphy and poems from national leaders, celebrities and artists. They are aimed at raising people’s awareness of environment protection and building a green culture. Seeing these steles, I also had the desire to create something artful, writing or painting.  

Although we didn’t get to the Fragrant Hills as we had planned, we had a great time in Baiwang Mountain Forest Park. This is something like adventure. The fresh air and the enchanting views of colorful leaves are worth your china travel.

Jack Li

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