Guilin is a very popular resort for tourists. It is well known for its hills and waters which are said to be the finest under heaven. The first time I heard about Guilin is when I was a little girl. At that time this was a song named “I want to go to Guilin”. I can still remember how it sings “I want to go to Guilin. But, I have no money to go to Guilin when I have time and I have no time to go when I have money.” It sounds funny but realistic. Whatever, since then I have also got the dream of Travel to Guilin for its No.1 sceneries. Either for a lack of money or time, I haven’t realized my dream yet. However, I can make a schedule now for preparation. The following is my arrangement for 2-day Guilin Tours.

Day 1

The first place we will visit is Seven Stars Park which is 1.5 kilometers from the downtown of Guilin and at the east bank of Li River. Endowed with elegant mountains, clear water, caves and courts, architecture and cultural relics, this park is a real miniature of Guilin’s landscapes. The most famous sights are Flower Bridge, Camel Hill and Light of China Square. Built in Song dynasty, Flower Bridge is the oldest bridge in Guilin. Its four semi-circle arches and their inverted reflections in the water form four full moons, which is fascinating. Camel Hill got its name from its camel-like shape. In spring when peach blossoms are in full bloom, the camel seems to be dressed in a pink costume. It’s said to be one of the Ten Scenes of Guilin. Light of China Square features two pieces of artwork. One is stone carving mural which is 106 meters long and 5 meters high, demonstrating 5000-year Chinese civilization. The other is Shijibaoding which represents the well-being of the nation.

Next attraction we will visit is Elephant Trunk Hill. Located at the west bank of Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin. The hill is shaped like an elephant drinking water with its trunk. Then, we will come to Fubo Hill which is 2 kilometers from Elephant Trunk Hill. Fubo Hill is special in that it stands half in the Li River and half on land. Pearl-returning Cave and Thousand-Buddha Cave are worth visiting. The former contains stone inscriptions and stalactites; the later boasts of more than 200 statues of Buddha and mural paintings.

Day 2

On the second day we will travel along the Li River mainly by boating and walking. First we can take a bus from Guilin to Guanyan (Crown Cave). It is an underground cave covering an area of 6000 mu. In this cave you will view fantastic karst landforms such as stalactites, stalagmites and stone pillars. There are five kinds of sightseeing ways: walking, sightseeing slideway, elevator, light rail and boating. You can combine any of them to get a better view of the cave.

Then we can take a boat to Banbiandu and then walk to Yangdi Village which is a peaceful wonderland with attractive sceneries such as Shuilian Cave, Moonlight Island Holiday Resort. Walk to the south we can see Langshi Wonders in Langshi Village. Next stop is Xingping. It is said that the landscapes from Yangdi to Xingping are the best scenery of Li River. To go to Xingping, we can take a ferry from Langshi Village and then walk to Lengshuidu where we can see Nine Horses Painting Mountain. Then we will walk to Yellow Cloth Shoal to take a bamboo raft to go to Xingping. Xingping is an ancient village with a history of 1300 years. Everywhere are old streets, old residences and kind people. This is a good place to learn about the local culture. If you like eating fish, you can walk from Xingping to Fishing Village where Clinton once gave a speech. You have to climb a mountain for eating delicious fish.

So, this is the arrangement for a 2-day tour in Guilin. Although it doesn’t include many other wonderful sights in Guilin, it does cover the major mountains and waters in Guilin. If you long for visiting Guilin’s landscapes, don’t worry about time or money any more. If you can afford a 2-day tour, just choose one of Guilin Flights to go there!

Jack Li

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