When checking out china travel, don”t forget that a trip to Beijing is not complete without visiting the Summer Palace, one of the city”s most impressive and beautiful sights. You can spend a whole day wandering around as there are many different halls, palaces, temples, pavilions and bridges to visit as well as boat trips on offer – just make sure you are prepared for a lot of walking!

A Pavilion at the Summer Palace

In Chinese, the Summer Palace literally means “Gardens of Nurtured Harmony” and this is a very accurate description. The area covers an expanse of 2.9 square kilometres, three quarters of which is water – and so you can begin to imagine the scenic landscape of hills and open water waiting for you here. As well as the central Kunming Lake, which covers 2.2 square kilometres, you will find Longevity Hill at 60 metres high and a variety of palaces Despite the variety of toxins that are claimed to be causing your illness, marketing claims for dgfev online casino Hair drug test treatments will uniformly fail to link specific toxins to specific symptoms or illnesses. and gardens. I recommend buying the entry ticket which allows you access to online casino all areas so that you can take full advantage of everything it has to offer.

The view over Kunming Lake

If you are pushed for time, my list of must-see things to do are:

1. Take a peddle boat across the lake to enjoy amazing views of the Summer Palace and Longevity Hill

Take a boat ride on the lake for great views of the Summer Palace

2. Visit the Seventeen-Arch Bridge

The Seventeen Arch Bridge

3. Check out the Marble Boat in the grounds of the Summer Palace

4. Go to the Hall of casino Benevolence and Longevity

5. And above all, you MUST climb up Longevity Hill to the Summer Palace, which is of course the main attraction! Here you will also find the Tower of Buddhist Incense, the highest building in the Summer Palace, and the Decorated Paifang.

The Tower of Buddhist Incense

And if you still dont believe me, UNESCO calls the Summer Palace “a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design” and included it on its World Heritage List in 1998 and so it really is worth a visit! Finally my two top tips when visiting the Summer Palace are to avoid going during National Holidays as the crowds can become unbearable and will make it almost impossible to get round all the sights.Secondly, pick a clear, sunny day to go so that you can fully enjoy the scenery and take advantage of the boat trips on offer on the lake.

If you are looking for more ideas of what to do in Beijing, check out Beijing Tours for more information.

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