According to the official statistics, 62,660,000 people have visited the 2010 Shanghai Expo. It is quite a hot travelling spot this year, so you may have been thinking Travel to Shanghai. But the economy is so depressing these two years, people have to consider saving money on everything. But less money does not absolutely equal to losing some fun during the travel. To write this article, I collect some tips from both Chinese netizens’ opinions and my own or friends’ experience. And this article will not cover information on Shanghai Hotels and flights, as these are already plenty of tips on how to get cheap hotels and airline tickets.

1. Choose the proper route. There are 13 entering spots for Shanghai Expo, and you can get there by various vehicles, such as subways, buses, fairies, and driving. But the most cheap and convenient method would be subways. Five subway lines reach different entering spots. Among them, line 8 is recommended by netizens as it reaches zone B and the station is Yaohua Road. And it is close to the fairy station to across Huangpu River to Asian exhibition parks for free. There are also 4 entering spots for fairies, and only Dongchang Road gate is available for individual visitors. The waiting time is 20 minutes from 8am to 12pm, and 40 minutes between 4pm to 6pm.

2. Expenses in the parks. The security rules are similar to the flights. Any liquids are not permitted to carry with. The drinks in parks are much more expensive that are around RMB 4 to 5 yuan. You need a lot of water to be “surviving” in the tour. So if you just drink the free filtered tap water in the park, you could save some money.  You can bring some snacks to avoid expenses in the park, but it seems unnecessary and adding burdens. There are some good but relatively cheap restaurants in the culture & art center. Moreover, remember to bring a folding stool with you, as you will walk and stand for a long time.

3.Types of tickets. One-day tickets vary with peak days and standard days. Ticket price for peak days are RMB 40 yuan more than in standard days. Peak Days include passed two large holidays in China, and the last week before the closing date during Oct. 25-30, 2010. Other days are the standard days. But my friends who have been to Shanghai Expo highly recommend the 3-day pass ticket which not only saves your RMB 80 yuan, but also a lot of waiting time to buy tickets. It is impossible that you could visit most of the parks just in one day. 3 days are suitable for major visitors, while 7-day pass is only good for those who are the big fan of Expo. A trick to buy even cheaper tickets is to join the Expo tour service, provided by authorized travel agents.

4.Save a lot on souvenirs. Usually souvenirs cost you a large amount of money without your notice. And these small stuffs in the parks are much more expensive than other places. Some of them are not so special that you can buy from other places, but some of them are unique in the parks. In this case, you could search for free gifts in different pavilions. At 9am every day, you can get a piece of “magic” opal in Turkey pavilion and you can ask the astrologer to tell your luck today. You may also get a secret seed from the glass structure outside of British pavilion at 10am. And you could some free food trials in Peru pavilion from 1pm. If you are crazy about chocolates, then you have 99% chances to get a pack of genuine Belgium chocolate in its country pavilion at 3pm. Check these free gifts before you go, and feel free to ask visitors or staff there.

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