Talking about China Tours, the most popular and must-see cities would be Beijing, Shanghai, or Xi’an. If you are interested in historical spots of ancient China, Travel to Xi’an could satisfy you. Well, Beijing could be the choice to experience the combination of history and modern cities. However, in this month, these two hot tourism cities together are attracting much less visitors than Shanghai.

Shanghai is always the favorite city for western visitors, as its climate is comfortable and the local cultures there are quite western style. But I would like not to recommend Shanghai for your trip this month (October, 2010), because the 2010 World Expo is going to close this month. As a result, the number of visitors to Shanghai Expo exceeds 1,000,000 every single day this month. Even the municipality is texting messages to people, asking them not go to the Expo. This same message is also broadcasting on each public vehicle. The numbers of visitors and the hot scenes in 2010 Shanghai Expo are the top domestic news these days. The waiting time for some pavilions are hitting to a new record every day. For example, visitors for the petroleum pavilion had to wait 10 hours or more on Oct 11th, 20 days before its closure. Even some “cold” pavilions, such as Iran or some African countries, needs waiting time for at least 6 hours.

Since it opened, the 2010 Shanghai Expo is the hot online topic every day and people satirized it by replacing the name with “Shanghai Struggling Expo”. But this month it becomes the hottest topic on internet. There are many netizens making fun of this hot scene. On, a popular similar Chinese “facebook”, many users changed their status related to this. “When I saw the news that the visitors reached 1 million, suddenly I thought maybe I should go to see this spectacular crowded view rather than the Expo itself.” one netizen wrote on his status. “Till 2:30pm, Oct 11th, 2010, 80 countries in the world have less population than Shanghai Expo at this time.” a visitor updated her status by phone. One of my colleague who is responsible for booking tour packages for foreign visitors, just “refused” a request for Shanghai Expo express way tour, as he said “it is impossible to arrange such tour now, because the tickets are not selling much anymore, and the government is trying to control the number of visitors and also asking people not to visit Shanghai Expo now.”

Anyway, if you still do not want to miss this quite crowd but extraordinary exhibition, here are still some tips for you to suffer less during the trip. Schedule your visiting time to be the last week before its closure (Oct 25 to Oct 31). Why? Because the last week is assigned to be more expensive than usual, this may, but I do not guarantee, restrict some people from visiting. And the last two days, Oct 30 and Oct 31, will not sell and change tickets. Also there are many activities and celebrations will hold on these two days. So booking your tickets in advance for these two days, will also give you a more comfortable and less crowded tour.

Travelling to China always brings you a lot of exotic fun and experiences, but you will also have to accept the crowded situation. Though in India, Tokyo and Hong Kong, you could understand what is the truly crowed. If you really do not want to see this crowed scene, you can try other less popular cities in China. Actually, these cities are chosen by more Chinese youngsters. These cities are more likely in Southwestern China, like Lijiang (丽江) in Yunnan province, Fenghuang in Hunan province, and Guilin Tours in Guangxi province. In the next articles, introductions about travelling to these rural but beautiful cities will be presented.

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