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Over my time here in Beijing I have sampled  a lot of the night life, one of my favourite places to go is a little roof top terrace bar called The Beach since its reopening this bar has fast become one of the hottest bars in Beijing. The bar can be found on the 4th floor of  Block 8 outside the West Gate of Chaoyang Park there will be music playing and drinks flowing from 9.00 every evening get there early for a good spot.

Birds eye view of The Beach

The Beach is one of the most exclusive and coolest lounge bars in Beijing as it offers a night of relaxing house music underneath the twinkling stars. The bar really does give you that holiday ambience as it is equipped with to large pits of white sand, pseudo-Dedon sleek day beds,sexy flowing champagne and music which is reminiscent of Ibiza. This glamourous bar is also home to some of the most famous cocktails in Beijing which are professionally made by trained staff. It also offers a incredible and fabulous birds-eye view of central Beijing lit up in all its glory at night, which is a must see for any visitors to this great city.

A great night!

The bars blue lighting and and slick white seats really give the bar that cool mediterranean vibe that set the scene for a chilled out relaxing night. My advice is to wrap up and take warm clothes as this bar is fully outside so it can get a bit chilly late at night.

The Bar

The best night to visit The Beach is on a Wednesday especially for girls as they will receive free drinks between 10.00pm and 12.00pm, there is a wide selection of free cocktails on offer to suit everyone’s tastes. On a Wednesday they mix up the music and sometimes have a differnet DJ who plays Hip hop which is always fun, although there is no dance floor alot of people dance in ther seats of just by the bar. This is a really good offer as single drinks can range from 55-100 RMB.

Having fun with friends

If your a young vibrant individual looking for a great packed night full of fun this place is defiantly for you get your self down to The Beach to mix with Beijing’s elite and have the time of your life!

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