Raffles City

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Raffles City

Raffles City is the Beijing version of the popular Shanghai shopping mall, it is located just outside the Chaoyang district on Dongzhimen south street. The nearest transport is the metro, get off at Dongzhimen and take the newly installed underground walkway which will bring you right into the centre with out even stepping outside! This is one of the biggest shopping Centres in Beijing but if you would like to find out more about the others I would look at Beijing Tours.

Girls Relaxing in Raffles

If you like a bit of luxury in your life and your not afraid to spend big money this shopping centre is definitely for you. When walking in you will experience its exquisite architecture ,which is all very modern and lavish this theme carries on inside, with beautiful but simple interior design it’s every shopaholics dream! Going to Raffles City on a week day is a very laid back relaxing affair, but be warned on the weekend it turns in to a bee hive of activity, if you brave it on a weekend expect long lines and major crowds!

Even if your not really into shopping there is something for you as Raffles City houses many of the best restaurants, with cuisines from all over the world, believe me you will be spoilt for choice! They have a basement food court which has a variety of stalls where food is inexpensive, not only a lot of Chinese food but Singapore style snacks are available such as Curry Puff and Hainanese Chicken Rice. On the top level of the building houses the more expensive restaurant style places like Thai-Indonesian, Shanghai, Korean and my personal favourite Japanese.


Raffles has also has a huge parking lot which makes driving here a great option. For the Westerners who come to Beijing this is a true taste of home with household names like Zara ,H&M and Mango.You’ll also find Spectacle Hut from Singapore, Italian brand Dazzle and other household names like Calvin Klein Jeans, Motivi, Lacoste, Birkenstock, Ochirly and Eve’s Temptation. Its a real multicultural experience!

This is not just a shopping centre, but houses many different themed events throughout the year. They have just finished a High school musical week where the whole of the centre went high school musical mad even having a performance and sing along session.  This week the centre has been kitted out with the most amazing pumpkins,witches,hats and cobwebs all ready for the halloween festivities over the weekend.

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Halloween Decorations.
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