How to Travel in China with Low Expense

On October 27, 2010, in Cultural Experience, by Jack Li

For many tourists who want to travel abroad, one of the things they need to consider is the travel expense. For china travel, I will share with you some tips about how to make your travel expenses lower than usual. Of course, I will take China Tours as an example, and share my experience with you, and I hope you can get some new ideas about your travels.

 When we are going to travel, there are many things we need to pay attention to, such as, the air tickets, the tickets of the spots, the hotels, and other expense related to your trip. So, here we come to the first concern, the air tickets. Usually, if you want to cut your travel expense, you had better buy discounts air tickets, which means you will save a lot of money. However, how to buy these discounts tickets, and you need to look for the discounts information on the website of the official websites, or go to travel agency for help, general speaking, booking online will save you cash, and you’d better compare the prices of several airlines, or several prices which are offered by different travel agencies, so that you can buy the proper air tickets with low expense. And pay more attention to certain rules of certain airlines, for there maybe some limitations for your discount air tickets, such as you can not change your discounts air tickets after you have bought it.

The second concern is the hotel prices. Usually, hotels have low cost rooms, usually on condition that you book more than three or fours days, different hotels have different pay-off. And you can choose different styles of hotels, the luxury hotels, the family hotels, the romantic hotels, and the convenient hotels, different styles have their characteristics, for example, for family hotels, you will feel like that you are live in your own house, usually this kinds of hotels cost more less than the luxury hotels, and do not worry about the facilities, there are standard rooms, single rooms, double rooms, moreover, air conditioning, desk and chair, hairdryer, mini bar, tea or coffee facilities, television, etc. are ready for the customers. If you want a lovely and quiet place to live, this hotel will be your best choice. Another uniqueness is that the hotel provides free daily fresh fruits, flowers, instant coffee and Chinese tea. This hotel is popular for its personalized service; the hotel also offers free breakfast in the dining room. Besides Chinese dishes, guests can also choose to enjoy western favorites. For your convenience, the hotel also provides free internet access in the guestrooms.


The third concern is travel deals. Amazing! Now look at the top travel deals. Look at one of the Hot Deals, 4 Days Beijing Post-Olympic Memories. For this package tour, you don not need to worry about the detail plan for your trips, because it was well-prepared already. You can enjoy the magnificent Great Wall, the Bird’s Nest, the Water Cube, etc. Online booking only will cost you less 200 dollars; you know what you will choose. Also, you can choose other cities, for example, you can fly to the modern city Shanghai, to the World Exposition and enjoy the prosperous Shanghai Bund and its beautiful night views; or you can go to ancient city Xi’an to have a look at the ancient buildings of China; and you can go to Guangzhou, which is going to hold the Asia Games. All seeming impossibilities will become possibilities by China Flights.


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