How to Get a Low Fare Air Ticket

On October 21, 2010, in China Travel Gossip, by Jack Li

As the Asian Games is coming soon, do you want to fly to China and visit the games? The city of Guangzhou is now preparing for its coming and everybody is expecting of the game. If you are coming to China and have China Tours, you shouldn’t miss it. But how can we get a low fare air ticket? The following will give you some advises on how to do it so that you will have a happy China Flights.


Searching a low fare airline ticket online. Most of the airline companies will always give out some discounts of their airline tickets for the purpose of attracting more customers. If you book a ticket online ahead of time, like one month or even two month ahead, you can get a cheap ticket. Even though the airline companies will also have some low prices for the tickets within one week of departure, this does not always happen. In this way, you are really lucky. The safest way to get a cheap airline ticket is to book ahead of time early enough.

Looking online information is sometimes frustrating. You can also consult a travel agency or a consolidator. Usually they will have a lot of information about the ticket and can find one which is good for you. They are experts on finding a cheap ticket. Besides booking a ticket from the travel agency, you can also join in a tour package of the travel agency because they corporate with a lot of hotels, places of interest and airline companies. If you don’t want to join their tour package, you can still consult with their prices. Sometimes they may ask for a small amount of fee for just an airline ticket. If their price is reasonable, then you can do it. If you go traveling through a travel agency, you will save some money and avoid a lot of trouble too.

If you are a student, a senior or a military soldier, you should pay attention to the special discounts for these groups. You can go to some special websites and find some information about the discounts. Even if you are going to a travel agency, you can also ask whether they can make the price lower because you are a student, a senior or a soldier.

If you come to see the Asian Games through a travel agency, after you get off from the plane, you will have someone that come to pick you up and will take you to the place of the hotel. You don’t have to worry about anything. You will have a fixed schedule and everything has been arranged well for you. This is the good aspect of traveling through a travel agency. What’s more, you would learn a lot from a tourist guide too.


Besides looking the Asian Games, you can still go to Hongkong and Maco which sit not too far from Guangzhou. You can also go to Zhuhai, which is a very beautiful coast city next to the sea. I am sure that you will love the city very much!

For more information if you want to visit China, you can go to China Airlines.

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