When most people are visiting Beijing or Shanghai for their China Tour, I would like to suggest you guys can visit Hang Zhou, the most beautiful city in mainland China. Hangzhou is a high-developing city near Shanghai and Nanjing. It takes only 1 hour by Express Train from Hangzhou to Shanghai. When you book a China Flight to visit China, think about Hangzhou as a stop.

Hangzhou, In addition to its economically potent position on the Hangzhou Bay 180 kilometers (112 mi) southwest of Shanghai, Hangzhou also has been one of the most renowned and prosperous cities of China for much of the last 1,000 years, due in part to its beautiful natural scenery, with the West Lake as the most well-known location.

Hangzhou is renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty. It is often known as one of the most beautiful cities in China. It has been ranked as one of the ten most scenic cities in China. Although Hangzhou has been through many recent urban developments, it still retains its historical and cultural heritage. Today, tourism remains an important factor for Hangzhou’s economy. One of Hangzhou’s most popular sights is West Lake. The lake itself covers an area of 6 km2 (600 hectares) and includes some of Hangzhou’s most notable historic and scenic places. Adjacent to the lake is a scenic area covering over 50 square kilometers. The area includes historical pagodas, cultural sites, as well as the natural beauty of the lake and hills. There are two causeways across the lake.

he native residents of Hangzhou, like those of Zhejiang and southern Jiangsu, speak a Wu dialect. However, the Wu dialect varies throughout the area where it is spoken, hence, Hangzhou’s dialect differs from regions in southern Zhejiang and southern Jiangsu. In addition, Mandarin is also spoken. Tea is an important part of Hangzhou’s economy and culture. Hangzhou is best known for originating Longjing, a notable variety of green tea, the most notable type being Xi Hu Long Jing. Known as the best type of Long Jing tea, Xi Hu Long Jing is grown near Xi Hu in Hangzhou, hence its name.

Further, Hangzhou is known for its artistic creations, such as silk, umbrellas, and Chinese hand-held folding fans. Hangzhou cuisine is the representative of Zhejiang Cuisine, one of China’s eight cuisines. And it wins reputation for freshness, tenderness, softness, smoothness of its dishes with mellow fragrance. A great poet of Song Dynasty once praised it as follows: there’s no food that can compare with the Hangzhou cuisine. Dishes like West Lake Sour Fish, Dongpo Pork, Longjing Shrimp Meat, Jiaohua Young Chickens, Steam Rice Flower and Pork Wrapped by Lotus Leaves, Braised Bamboo Shoots and Lotus Root Powder are widely known and popular among both local people and tourists.

Hangzhou is serviced by the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which has direct flights to Amsterdam (as of May 2010), Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore regional routes to Hong Kong and Macau, as well as numerous domestic routes. Located just outside of the city in the Xiaoshan District, it is one of the major secondary international airports in China. Hangzhou Railway Station serves the city center with direct trains departing for Shanghai, and most other major cities in China. The Hangzhou East Railway Station is closed for renovation until 2011. Services have been moved to Hangzhou South Station. Taxis are also very common. With its line of the newest Hyundai Elantras and Volkswagen Passats, and tight regulations, the city’s taxi service is rated amongst the top in the country.

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