Chinese Ancient Calligraphy

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China Is deep in ancient history and culture, you only have to look up at a sign or a name of a place to see a piece of ancient art form. Of course what I’m referring to here is the Chinese writing each symbol beautifully created with its own unique meaning with a history that stems back over four thousand years!

Creating the Beautiful art

This is still performed in the traditional way using many of the same tools and techniques. Calligraphy became an art during the reign of Qin Dynasty but didn’t become widely used until the Han Dynasty. Jin Dynasty saw the emergence of some of the most famous calligraphers, including Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi. During the rule of Tang dynasty, calligraphy became a very serious form of expression with a lot of power and respect given to those who could master it this is why a lot of great calligraphers appeared during this period. Over the long ages of evolution the form has developed through various styles and schools it now holds a very integral part of the heritage of Chinese national culture.

Ancient Examples of Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is and Oriental art form which is pretty and looks very much like a painting, the Chinese people believe that it uses the characters to communicate the spiritual world of the artist. Although the basics of each symbol are the same each person will have a slightly different take on each Character. The literal meaning of the word Calligraphy is ‘Beautiful writing”

Example of the beautiful writing.

Like in the same way the use of chopsticks originated in China and then spread to Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore the Chinese culture of calligraphy spread and became a unique feature of oriental art.

Many western tourists myself included find Chinese calligraphy of great interest and will spend time and money buying and looking at this great art form, it seems crazy to me that the majority of Chinese people find this very simple to do and use this art form in their everyday lives. Throughout China there are many place to visit to sample original Chinese Calligraphy carvings and also many workshops where you can get a copy to take home.

Tourist about to by some of the art

If you would like to sample and see some real calligraphy in action I would recommend going to any market as they all offer this as a service. A lot of places that you go throughout china it’s not unusual to see a Chinese person sat practicing this ancient art form. If this has inspired or excited you to go and take a tour round China for some great holiday ideas look at china travel or if all you need is a low cost flight the place to look is China Flights.

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