With the increasing communicating among the mainland and Taiwan, China Tours between both sides became more and more hot. In Oct 10th, China Airlines will take discount tickets in Shanghai Tours as customer feedback.

 China Airlines, short for CAL, is the largest airline of Civil Air Service in Taiwan. It was founded in Dec 16, 1959 in Taipei. At that time, its initial project almost was Military activities. In Feb 26, 1993, China Airlines listed in Taiwan stock exchange. Its main operation center and transfer-station is Taiwan taoyuan international airport. China Airlines focuses on both passenger and cargo services. Its destinations lie in Asia,  Middle East, Europe, North America and Oceania. Huaxin Airlines, one of its subsidiaries, is responsible for domestic and regional route. Now, China Airlines are promoting the cooperation with SkyTeam Alliance.

Compared with the others, China Airlines has its own special services– Dynasty Flyer and Colorful world “in-flight” entertainment system.

 As a Flight award scheme, Dynasty Flyer means that passengers can get a free membership, then accumulate the points according to their flight miles, which can exchange for free tickets, cockpit liters, etc. and buckle the overweight luggage, part of the ticket price and so on.  Besides, passengers taking Huaxin Airlines, China South Airlines, Delta Airlines, etc. can accumulate their miles as well.

The other characteristic is Colorful world “in-flight” entertainment system. All shipping space in A330-300, A340-300 and parts of B747-400 provide numbers of movies, TV videos, interact games and music album in 3 kinds of language (Chinese, Japanese and English).In addition, chairs in A330-300 and A340-300 are equipped with Satellite phones, through that passengers can send emails and SMS messenger.

 As to its flight safety, DAILY NEWS WIDE, Zurich, Switzerland, reported that after removing “Chinese culture” and “western culture” and carefully building professional “cockpit culture”, China Airlines in Taiwan has strengthened the aviation records and has been on the list of The Top 40s Safest Airlines around The World. This achievement is due to its strict Pilot Evaluation System which was hold for each half a year since last 5 years.

 China Airlines are always dedicated to the best quality of maneuverable to satisfy every passenger there. In June 29 this year, China airlines has got the certificate called CG6005 Corporate Governance System, issued by China company management association, and became the first one that has got through the authentication. By September 30, China Airlines has 94 destinations in 28 countries all over the world.

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