Last Thursday, Scott, my oral English teacher, shared a passage about Career Break with us. That meant a lot to me, as I am always the one who dreams about having China Tours even world tours as long time as I want. Just as Susan, the author of this passage, said, it is a dream anyone with a passport fantasizes about once in a while: ditching everything to travel the world for a year, or at least long enough to forget about office life. But also as she suggested, acting out that fantasy tends to be reserved for retirees and recent college graduates. I am a graduate student who will graduate in 2013. Though there are so many obstacles as well, I want to plan about my long time trip. Maybe peers like you could join me or just take it a reference.

I would like to name this long journey as My Gap Month Tour in Southwest China, which includes destinations of Chengdu, Yunnan, Tibet and Guilin. Since these four destinations make up a round, I design this route in turn: Chengdu—Guilin—Yunnan—Tibet. Given the culture issue, I choose Chengdu, whose local people also like hot food, as my first destination. As the passage suggests, easing into your trip in a more familiar country is a way to reduce anxiety about leaving home. I think it applies to domestic trip well. Besides, Chengdu Flights are available easily.

First Stop—Chengdu—4 days or so to stay

As we all know, the most famous things in Chengdu covers the teahouse, panda and Sichuan opera and the most important is its various local flavors. I plan 2 days for its famous scenic spots and 2 days just for sitting in the teahouse and enjoying its delicious and its drama.

Teahouse: things in teahouse could be a mirror reflected local people’s leisurely life, which is famous in China. Especially after the Wenchuan Earthquake, Chengdu people realized that it is important to enjoy life for our vulnerable and short life. In addition, teahouse is an important social activity place. So it is a good place for me to meet some new friends.

Panda: Chengdu is the hometown of our country’s treasure—panda. I definitely will not miss the opportunity for watching these lovely and lively babies.

Sichuan Opera: Chengdu is also the home of opera. I want to watch the simon-pure Sichuan opera, especially suddenly turn hostile.

Food: my friends who live in Chengdu say that special snacks there are cheap and delicious. As I come from Hunan, where people love hot food, I wanna try its spicy and hot food very much.

Second Stop—Guilin—3days or more to stay

There come some words– Guilin’s scenery is the best in the world. As it has the most representative karst land feature, it is famous for fantastic hills, crystal-clear water, spectacular caves and picturesque rocks.

Li River: it has the largest scale and most wonderful of caves. I expect to quant on the water, just take it easy to get close to the nature.

Food: Guilin rice noodles are known for world light repasts, with its special taste but be known for. It is said that there are hundreds of shops selling Guilin Rice noodle with hundreds of kinds of taste. It is very highly expected for me.

Third Stop—Yunnan—a week or more days to stay

Yunnan is a mysterious province for me. I just know that Kunming is the city of Spring and Li-Jiang ancient town is very attractive for most people. Only visit there can I feel its fantasy culture and custom. Here my initial planning refers to Kunming, Dali and Li-Jiang.

Kunming: known as Spring City, it is a good chance for me to see various fresh flowers and taste various vegetables of different season. It should be a nice place for people to live in since it has the nicest climate.

Dali: it is a city with Bai Ethic Group live together. I want to see for myself its wind, flower, snow and moonshine and take enough time to experience the Bai people’s custom and culture.

Li-Jiang: Lijiang is inhabited by the Naxi minority people. It is popular with Lovely people, nice town and special music. What I expect most is wander in the Old Town of Li-Jiang, drunk to its scenery. Life could be quiet and romantic there that I can stay away from the real world.

Maybe I suddenly decide to stay for more days.

Fourth and last stop—Tibet—a week or more to stay

As most Chinese people dream about, Tibet is the must-to-go place for me in my whole life. It is a holy place for us ordinary ones. It is the mysterious virgin land. I want to take more time to stay there. I want to see local religious people who are going on a pilgrimage. I want to feel their reverent heart which could teach me a lot. I want to purify my mind and get peaceful thoroughly. Oh, there are so many things I want to do in Tibet. Perhaps it is better for me to take no specific arrangements there. Just follow my mind.

Plans above are rough. But it is outline of my gap month tour. Anyone who gets any ideas or suggestions can leave me a message below. Or we can both inquire China Southern Airlines right now.

Jack Li

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