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On October 22, 2010, in Cool Places, Shanghai, by Jack Li

For tourists who travel around the world, US travel is as attractive as china travel, the similarity of these two tourism countries is that both of them have many attractions which cover many scenes, and you will have a fantastic experience there. So, why not book a China Flights or US Flights and have a look at the amazing countries yourself?

At this time, I will make a compression about some of the famous tourism cities of these two countries.

In US, we take New York City example. City of New York is the financial and economic center of United States, also known as the largest city and port. The symbol of the city is Statue of Liberty. It stands high on Liberty Island in New York harbor, a symbol of the American people for the noble ideals of freedom, a symbol of the American people who desire and pursuit of a better life. It is so famous and full of dreams that tourists who around the world come to visit it.

Downtown Manhattan

It is the center of New York. Most important commercial, financial and insurance institutions are located in here. World Financial Center – Wall Street is located in lower Manhattan, and New York’s large enterprises, business center located in midtown of Manhattan. Every night, thousands of buildings and skyscrapers in midtown Manhattan bright the sky and it looks like daytime. New York reflects the absolute power in the world economic power, so Manhattan is also known as the “world’s best place.” So take a chance to visit here as soon as possible.


Broadway Avenue

It is an important north-south road in New York, from Battery Park in the south and run through the whole Manhattan. New York subway lines and Seventh Avenue subway lines are under way through this. A large number of theaters, theater and musical theater in the United States are located on both sides of the road, thus Broadway Avenue is known as the symbol of musical play.


Now, we come back to China, and here we are in Beijing. Beijing is also a famous tourism city around the world. It is the political, cultural center of China. After the Opening-up of China, Beijing has a number of great changes. The symbol of Beijing is Tian’anmen Square. It is located in the center of Beijing, facing up to Chang’an Avenue. It is the largest city square in the world.

The Forbidden City

It is the palace of Chinese ancient emperors, and was built by the Ming Emperor, now as the unique masterpieces of ancient architecture, the world’s largest and most complete wooden structure of the ancient buildings; it attracted many visitors who coming from all around the world. It is said that there are almost 9 thousands rooms in the Forbidden City, so it will take more than 20 years of a person who live in the room one by one for one night. In ancient time, the Forbidden City is only allowed the relatives of the Emperors, citizens are forbidden to go there, let alone have a tour. However, nowadays, it is opened to welcome visitors who want to have a look here.


Financial Street

It is located in the West Second Ring Road, south of Chang’an Avenue from Fuxingmennei Avenue in the south to Fu Cheng Men Nei Street in the north. Many magnificent buildings are located here, including famous banks around the world, and other companies.

Now, we can see that both China and US, both New York and Beijing, have their own characters, that is why they can attracted millions of tourists to visit here, so just take action and start on your China Tours or US Tours.  

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