Are you tired of the busy life, noisy and congested city, maybe it’s the time to relax yourself with your family. China Tours are good choices. It’s quite different from the western country. As we know, Beijing tours, Shanghai Tours are the most famous. But When I get there, I feel it’s familiar to some big city in the world. Although the Forbidden City, the Great Wall is full of Beijing culture, you can also see the tall buildings, Malls, and lots of other modern architecture.

So can we just found a place that all the traditional things? Finally, I found this place –Wuzhen. Wuzhen is one of the four famous towns in Jiangnan, a richly histories town with 6,000 years. Talking about Hangzhou travel, people often know the West Lake. But I promise you that you will lose yourself in Wuzhen.
In Wuzhen, everything keeps up an old customs. Walking on the slabstone-paved street, all housed in wooden structures of brown. Rivers and creeks spanned with stone bridges in various designs flow through the town, and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes by. I feel it’s just like a dream when I first came here.

You can imagine that: When you get up early in the morning, the sun light gets in through the windows, the air was perfumed with the delicate smell of woods. And when you open the window you can see the river flowing down your house, the women washing their clothes by the shore. If you go there in a good time, there’re little people in the town, you can walk around on your own, the air was fresh and wet, with a little fog, you will see many ancient stone bridges, local people said that every bridge has its own story, have a seat and listen to the story, time passed so fast at this time. In the night, you can taste some traditional food. People here are very kind and passionately, they often broke out their best food for the guest. After dinner, all things quiet down. Staying in your room, looking out of the window, Darkness was gathering, the light which came from street lamps was winking just like starlight. You may heard the sound that the children are having a frolic before bedtime, or some traditional Chinese music, then you can go to bed with peace of mind.

That’s what I feel during my Wuzhen trip. And of course, there has many good attractions in Wuzhen, just like Former Residence of Mao Dun (he is a famous writer in China); Fanglu Pavilion (Pavilion of Visits to Lu); Hongyuantai dye-works. This is good, but I prefer more to the environment here, the peaceful, comfort town that can give you a relaxed life you never experienced in the big city.

In this trip, I bought some  for my family. I feel it’s very beautiful, a local people told me it’s said that this kind of cloth was created by a farmer named Gehong for his wife. The blueprint cloth was widely used in Jiangnan, the crafts are all from the folk, the design fill with the rich traditional customs, the theme include nothing else but flowers and plants vegetation, is nearby the farmhouse, the boundary ridge between fields. But just these two kinds of colors can make you feel reality and beauty.
I’m very happy about this Wuzhen trip, I often told this story to my friends that I enjoyed an unforgettable experience. That’s what I want to see in China Tours, and hope you can go there once with your friends. Its worth to visit, trust me~!

Jack Li

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