When you come to a palace for trip, what most impressed you apart from the spots and sceneries? Have you ever paid attention to local people where you been to? If you like China Tours and have been to China, what do you think people of China? Or have you lived in China Hotels? What do you think of their service? 

 1.   Personality Characteristics

China has a history of five thousand years and has many traditional virtues such as unit, industriousness, frugality and hospitality. If you travel to China and happen to meet some hardships on your way to your destination, you can ask anyone on the street for help. They are all pleased to help you. For example, if you do not know the way to your destination you can ask people on the way. They will tell you carefully and even take you to the place if it is not too far. Chinese people are industriousness and frugality. They work hard no matter farmers or workers. And they promote frugality in the daily life.

China is a united nation. If national interests are violated, they can against the enemies in large united.

In China, people say “have you eaten?” instead of “hello” when greeting acquaintances. In many years ago, there is not enough food for all people and many people eat a little of food or even no food to eat. So, it is a happy thing if you eat something. From then on, people say “have you eaten” when meet someone on the street.

On the other hand, Chinese people have characteristics of politeness, brotherhood and principle. They are always politeness to friend and even stranger. Moreover, they can help you as long as they can.

 2.   Food Features

Chinese food is different from western food due to the regional features, environment and costume. In China, people pay attention to the color, smell and taste of food and ignoring the nutrition. On the contrary, Western food has more nutrition.

In China, different cities have different food and different food has different taste. In the north of China, people like to eat noodles and dumplings which are made of four while in the south of China, people would like to eat rice. Generally speaking, north food is a bit light and south food has a strong and hot taste. If you come to China, you had better taste them or you maybe have some regrets.

Chinese diet style is different from western. In china, people like to siting around the table and putting the food in the center of the table. This creates a unity, courtesy and fun atmosphere in form. All people take food with chopsticks and toast each other. It looks like so harmony and united.

There are different on food choice. Chinese people live in plant silica such as grains and vegetables together with a little meat. This is because agricultural production as the primary means of economic production in central plains region. While in western, there will be more High-calorie and High protein.

 3. Characteristics of thinking

Chinese people like doing things with safe, traditional and conservative way. For example, people living in the country all hope their children have opportunity to go to university and they see it as the only way leaving the country. As a matter of fact, this form of education has some negative impact on the child’s development. In this way, other features and ability are easily overlooked. Another example is that parents want their children stay with them after their children finishing the study. These phenomena connect to the culture. Though it has negative effect on children, it is convenient to look after parents.

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