Do you like China Travel? Do you like Beijing? If you are going to travel to China, you should know some information about China Flights and China Hotels firstly. Now, you can get some information in this article.

 With the development of the tourism, more and more hotels emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. There are all kinds of hotels in Beijing such as seven-star hotels, five-star hotels and so on. You can choose any one hotel according to your interesting and your economic capacity.

 1. Star-hotels

There are many star-hotels in Beijing. Not only is the quality of the hotels but also the service very good for example Jinqiao International Apartment, China Hotel and Beijing Hotel. But price of the five-star hotels is very expensive. If you travel to the culture spots such as Forbidden City, you can choose Guomao Hotel and Wangfujing Hotel which are near the Forbidden City. Of course, you can get more information about hotels on the internet and you can also book the hotel on the web.

 2. Other hotels

For most of people, standard hotels are the best choice. Moreover, there are more standard hotels than star-hotels. It is more convenient for you to find a hotel no matter where you are. In Beijing, environment of standard hotels is also very good. A couple of days ago, my aunt came to Beijing for a trip. I show her around the Beijing city. And we live in a hotel near The Summer Palace. In the evening we walked on street enjoying the night scenery of Beijing. In addition, there are many snacks and all kinds of famous food in the hotel. By the way, if the scenery and culture are the most things attractive you, then, snacks of the local place are the second attractive thing to you because snacks of the local place reflect the traditional culture. If you want to experience Chinese culture easily, you had better taste the entire local snacks.

 3. Nongjiale

If you have travelled all the top attractions of Beijing, I suggest you go to Beijing suburb where there is much natural scenery. In the spots, you can live in Nongjiale which is operated by local residents. Yougushentan lie in Yanqing County which is located northwest of Beijing city. There are a lot of natural valleys and deep pools in Yougushentan Scenic Area. What is more, you can enjoy rural life there such as fishing. Now, I will tell you how to travel it. This spring, I had been there for the fist time with my friend. We arrive there at 8:00 AM. When we got there, we can see four big characters were caved on the wall. We felt a little myth from the words. Then, we began our trip with a camera. We walked on the long winding stone road. Not long after we set out, we saw a lake on the left of the road. Water in the lake is so clean that its color is green. Hills near the lake looks like a painting. What beautiful natural scenery! We went on walking along the valley; there appeared a small waterfall on the hills and water flow into the valley. After one hour or so, we saw a round deep pond in the front of the road and there was much snow around it. This was the famous Shentan. How wonderful it is!

In the evening, we chose a Nongjiale as our hotel. The decoration of the houses is the same to rural houses. I believe that it is my most wonderful trip. If you want to experience the real rural life, you can Travel to Beijing.

Jack Li
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