Olympic Dreams

On September 2, 2010, in Cool Places, Shanghai, by Jack Li

Olympic Dreams

 Two years on from the sporting spectacle the legacy of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing lives on. Visitors from all corners of the globe congregate at the 91,000 seat stadium, The Birds Nest, to marvel at the Herzog and De Meuron designed masterpiece which was constructed following a six month long International competition.

 The stadium, designed to last for 100 years is also thought to be able to withstand a force eight magnitude earthquake. The enviromental credentials of the stadium also elevate the venue as one of the planet’s greenest with geothermal pipes and the recycling of rainwater.

 The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games emblem, depicted below, represented Beijing’s hospitality and hopes while carrying the city’s commitment to the world during the event.  Red was used in the emblem as it is the colour of the sun and the holy fire representing life and new beginnings. A symbol of vitality and China’s blessing and invitation to the world. The 2008 Olympics took place under the slogan of “one world, one dream”. The slogan encompasses “unity, friendship, harmony, participation and dreams”. A shared vision for global peace. The slogan was simple, meaningful, inspiring and easy to remember, read and spread.

 Symbolism was further endorsed with the Olympic mascots “Fuwa” who drew their colour and inspiration from the Olympic rings carrying a message of friendship, peace and good wishes from China all over the world.

 Athletes from 86 countries won medals at the Beijing Olympic Games. Medals were made from gold and jade symbolising mobility and virtue. Visitor’s to The Bird’s Nest can assume their position on the medal podiums once occupied by those victorious in 2008. To experience Beijing or The Olympic Stadium for yourself contact China Travel Depot.  Been to the Beijing Olympics? Share your memories on our blog!

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