Do you like china travel? Do you want to travel to China? What do you know about China holiday packages? In this article, you can find the answer.

 Package travel means you do not have to worry about accommodation, meals and so on if you go on a package tour. There are all kinds of package tours in China such as sightseeing tour, culture tour and so on. On the other hand, there are different package tours in different seasons. Now, I will tell you some information about China holiday packages. In this package, you can Travel to Guilin and enjoy the best natural scenery.

 1. Tours

Guilin is located in the northeast of Guangxi Province, places of interest and History city and on the west of Lijiang. Guilin is famous for its natural scenery and Guilinshanshui is the general called of Guilin resources, which include green hills, clean water, magic holes and beautiful stones. Owing to the unique scenery, Guilinshanshui was regard as the best scenery in the world. On the first day, we will go to Guilin by train.

On the second day, we will spend the whole day in visiting Guilin. On the schedule, we will go to Xiangbi hill for our fist station, which is the symbol of Guilin. It is located on the southeast of Guilin and on the right of Lijiang. It looks like an elephant drinking on the edge of the river, so it is called Xiangbi hill. The view in the night is so beautiful that many poets wrote poem praising the scenery in ancient. There are many carvings on the hills and a famous tower on the top of the hill. Then, we will visit Qixingpark, which is the largest and comprehensive park in Guilin. Its scenery includes hills, water, stones, courtyards, and architectures and it is the miniature of Guilinshanshui. The third station in the second day, we will visit Rongshanhu scenic area, which consist of two lakes one called Ronghu and the other called Shanhu. In addition, there is some time for your shopping.

On the third day, we will go to Yangshuo, which is the famous county for its beautiful scenery. As the old things goes, as Guilinshanshui is the best beautiful scenery in the world, the scenery of Yangshuo is the best in Guilin. First of all, we will spend four hours in taking a boat on Lijiang and you can close water and hills. Moreover, we will have a meal on the boat. I think that must be the most wonderful experience. Then, we will visit Yinziyan to enjoy the natural landscape but you should pay it by yourself. On the fourth day, we will come back to Guilin. On the way to Guilin, we will visit Diecaishan, Fuboshan and Ludiyan. The last station we will go to Gudong waterfull. You can find the different from other waterfull. On the fifth day, we will come back to Beijing from Guilin.

 2. Entertainments and Snacks

There is unique performance which is the combination of acrobatics and ballet. And it displays the culture of Guilin. Moreover, there are many ethnic songs, folk dances and real life in the performance. You will experience the different life style. In addition, drifting is also a wonderful entertainment activity. You can experience the exciting activity with local people. With the development of Guilin tourism, catering make a great development. There are all kinds of local food and many famous snacks in Guilin such as Guilinmifen.

3. The Best Time to Guilin

The best time to Guilin is from April to November. In the busy season, there are many festivals of ethnic and scenery is more beautiful. If you want to get more information, you can contact Guilin Tours.

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