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For most foreign visitors who come to china travel, China Flights is the most available and convenient way. The discount air tickets therefore draw many attentions, but how to buy cheap air tickets, here I will tell you some suggestions about it, in order to make your trip more convenient and save your money. Generally speaking, booking air tickets online will cost less than the other ways.

Pay attention to the information about the discount air tickets from main airlines in China previously. If you like buying air tickets from the tickets outlets, you’d better read more information about the tickets of the main five airlines on their official websites, they are: Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Shanghai Airlines and Hainan Airlines. For these great airlines with many flights and air routes, generally, it’s easier to buy discounts air tickets here. However, your good luck maybe an important factor.

According to experience, these airlines usually open column for the discount air tickets information on their websites, you need to pick up the necessary information on your own, choose your destinations, and date you will set out, and the exact time you’ll get on board, then you’ll find out if there are the proper discount air tickets for you. Sometimes, you pay for your air tickets with Visa card, you can take less money and may be you can get a free insurance for your travel, of course it depends if you are lucky enough.

In China, there is a new airline, which named Spring Airlines. The prices of the air tickets are really reasonable, usually from hundreds to thousands RMB. The airline is committed to provide services with safety, low price, convenience and warmed-heart. On board, the airlines don’t provide free food, because the cost finally is the passengers’ burden. The main targets of Spring Airlines are passengers who have frequent air travel. It’s the one with low-cost. Spring airlines are the only domestic airlines which don’t take part in China’s civil aviation network marketing system (CRS) of airlines. Shanghai Hongqiao airport is the main landing airport for Spring airlines, now the whole route carrier is for domestic routes; Airbus A320 aircraft is the only model to use in Spring Airlines.


 For Spring airlines air tickets, you can book your air tickets on the websites, and print your boarding check on your own, what’s more, you can choose your seats according to your own preferences. All these services will give you much more free time and you needn’t get a long queue to print your boarding card.


Another useful way to buy discount air tickets is that you go to the websites which you can find other people who have the same needs with you; your guys can buy the air tickets together with low prices; however it’s very difficult to find many guys who have the same destinations and the same time to set out.

However, there are many details you need to pay attention when you buy a discount air ticket. For most of the discount air tickets, generally, a lot of limitations are bound with these air tickets. For example, you have bought a discount air ticket with five discounts, but your ticket cannot be refund, cannot be sign changed and cannot be changed for other tickets. You need to read the relating rules very carefully to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Air China has a well-worked airlines system, with many airlines and flights and routes,choose China flights and pay more attention to the discount air tickets, you’ll never be disappointed.

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