If you choose China Airlines to Travel to Beijing, the Capital Museum is the ideal place for you to get a glimpse of this city. So, Let us continue my introduction of the capital museum.

6. Spinning Top

Can you guess what is a spinning top? In a room of the exhibition hall, there is a recreation area. There are many interesting toys Beijingers play with when they are young. And our friendly and experienced volunteer introduced it for us. From her words, I get to know that the spinning top is a kind of toy made of wood usually. It looks like a conch. When you play the spinning top, you need a string to help you. First, you should twine the string on the spinning top, then pull out the string in a short time and the spinning top will spin on the ground. It needs a lot of skills to keep the spinning top rolling. But you will be very proud of yourself if you make it.

7. Shuttlecock

In the same room, you can found another colorful toy, shuttlecock. (just as we show in the picture) In traditional ways, we usually use chicken feather to make a shuttlecock. Because we need to keep balance and kick the shuttlecock at the same time, it becomes a good way for us to make our body fit and strong. As a result, playing with the shuttlecock becomes one of the favorites games.

8. Lovely hats

In Chinese, we call the hat in the picture Hutoumao. It means a hat which is shaped like a tiger. As what I have mentions last time. Tiger represents power and luck in traditional Chinese culture. So I hope you have got it this time, it is made for a child to wear especially in traditional festivals. It is quite lovely, right? Beside the hat, people like to make children’s shoes in the shape of tigers.


9. Ear Muff

If I do not tell you what the heart-shaped things are, do you know the answers? In fact, they are ear muff which keep your ears warm in the windy days, especially in winter. And the strings are used to keep them fasten. The size of one ear muff is as big as the palm of your hand. Most of the time, it is made of sheep’s wool.

10. China

There are also many handcraft works in the museum with intelligent designs. I want to show you this one for example. In fact, it is a bowl made of clay. But because of the superior workmanship of Chinese ancient artists, you will found that it is transparent in some part if you look at it carefully. In general, it need ten steps to make a piece of china. The picture in the right side shows the hard process of making it.

In all, it took me about half a day to take a closer look at this exhibition. It really enrich my mind and widen my knowledge. But the museum has another six floors! What a pity that I do not have enough time to visit all of them. However, I was lucky enough to have met a volunteer in the museum. She is a lady around fifty and it seems that she knows stories behind every exhibits. I am really curious about stories of this kind. What about you?


If you are as curious as me, enjoy your China Tours and try to find more. By the way, do not forget to share them with me. Hope you a good journey.

Jack Li
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