China is an ancient country, with thousands of years history, since ancient times, China has being contacting with its neighbors. Nowadays, China has become a tourism city, with modern facilities and attractive culture and scenery. More and more tourists, who come from all over the world, take china travel as one of destinations of their journey. For China Tours, there is something important you need to know at the first sight.

China is located in Asia, and it belongs to the East Asia area. Around China, there are other countries, for example, to the east, there are Korea, Japan; to the north, it closes to Russia; to the south, India, Vietnam and some other countries are its neighbors. China faces the East Sea, South Sea, and many other seas area. The outline of China looks like a rooster, in Chinese conceptions, it means that China are welcoming the new era and will have bright future, with the lead of our country and the efforts of its people.

The Great China has a long history, with five thousand years. On this ancient land, people with great diligence, bravery and wisdom, have developed the whole land together, and created the unified multi-ethnic country, and the long and wonderful Chinese history. Chinese history is about the process of how China coming into being, development and success.

Travel in China, you will have the opportunity to appreciate different kinds of scenery.    

For modern culture, you can come to Beijing, Shanghai, and cities with high modernization. Beijing, as the capital of China, has a well-worked system, the convenient traffic, the beautiful scenery, strong economy, different kinds of cate; you can find more attractions here. Shanghai, with the well-famed economy, has been known by visitors since ancient times. Now, the World Exposition is held in Shanghai, and attracted thousands of tourists all over the world. The most famous spots in Shanghai is The Eastern pearl, it’s situated on the Huangpu River band.

For ancient culture and history, you can choose Xi’an as your destination. Xi’an is located in the northwest of China, with a climate of dry and less rain. It is one of the ancient capitals of China, and the capital of Shanxi Province. Since ancient times, Xi’an has been the political center for many years. The world famous Terracotta Warriors are found here, and now the spot is one of Eight Wonders of the World. Terracotta Warriors are usually soldier and horse figures, and made of earth. They are prepared for the funerary of ancient emperors. After the death of the emperors, Terracotta Warriors were placed in the tomb, and this was a kind of symbol of the emperor’s reputation and his wealth.

For natural beauty, you cannot miss Hangzhou, which is the capital of Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou is a beautiful spot, with the famous scenery—the West Lake. The outstanding of the West Lake are its landscape of Lakes and Mountains, what’s more, many wonderful historic attractions. Here is a Chinese saying goes: Just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.


The description shows that Hangzhou is as beautiful as the paradise in the Heaven. People are all attracted by it. Another attraction which is well-known for its beautiful natural scenery is Guilin—the capital of Guangxi Province. The place where you can enjoy the natural beauty is Lijiang River. Sitting on the bamboo raft, and breathing the fresh air, feeling the cool wind, as if you are in the picture of famous artists.

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