There are many cultural differences between westerners and Chinese. Friends travel to another country should know about local customs or traditions. Because of the different history and geographical environment, the cultural differences are apparent between the two countries. I will show you some typical and general difference between them. When you plan to Travel to Beijing or Travel to Xi’an, I hope these tips would help you accompany with the local culture.


In my opinion of the American individualism, it means the American parents always respect children’s ideas and seldom intervene their decisions or developments. While in China or the orient society, people treat family status seriously. For Chinese, children or youngsters’ decisions should be taken parents’ considerations. And Chinese parents regard it as their responsibility to look after their children’s study and life. 

Americans respect others’ privacy. For example, they seldom talk about their pretty close topics in their chatting, such as ages, incomes or marriage. However, these topics are general in China. Chinese neighborhoods always talk about private secrets between them to show their close relationship. Besides that, visitors without appointments, even their parents, are treated as impolite in American. While in China, sometimes the sudden visiting will create an surprise feeling.
Americans prefer a direct and easy way when communicating with others. The relationship among people is seldom that formal. For example, many students call their teacher’s first names, children call their parent’s names when talking with them. However, it is treated extremely impolite to call the elders’ names directly in China.
Besides, the discussions of American style are direct and open for their different opinions or ideas. But in China, people try not to be so aggressive and show others’ errors in an indirect way.
Courtesy in public
Americans pay attention on quiet in public places. They seldom talk loudly in operas or theatres. Even in restaurants, they are always chatting in a low voice. This is apparently in China. Chinese think they are consumers of the restaurant, so they should enjoy themselves and always play the finger guessing game when drinking in restaurants.

In America, stay in line is common and it is impolite when jumping in quean. Drivers comply with the traffic regulations on their own, even in the late night they will wait for the red traffic light and take care of passers-by.

Americans always call people they met are friends, so the definition of friends are general and different. Such as working friends, playing friends, school friends and drinking friends. But in china, the friends will not be separated so detailed. The American population mobility is great for its large national areas, so friends seldom talk about their privacy. The friendship is always ordinary. However, Chinese friendship sometimes will be treated as a responsibility. If finding they dislike someone, they will try not to meet them again. Generally, borrowing money from friends is common in China while it is not in USA.
Money managing

Chinese people are always conservative when they are planning to spend money. It is different in USA people prefer to consume exactly the same with the income and sometimes more than it. Americans prefer shopping especially purchasing houses or cars. Chinese like to invite friends for dinner.
There are also some other differences between Chinese and Americans’ ideas about the world. America is the leading country in the developed world and China is the largest developing country with huge progress. The exchanges between the two big countries are attracting the worlds’ attention. The travel to each other is more and more. So if you want to know more about them, come to china travel.

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