The famous Chinese northern city, Harbin, is renowned by its ice and snow culture, Sun Island scenery and the reputation of Small Paris in The East. Harbin is a good place when traveling in winter vacation. Harbin Summer concert establishes the status of the music city and the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival attracts the tourists at home and abroad.

Harbin is a city tightly bound to the ice and snow, when winter comes, the temperature here is as low as the 30 degrees below. So it is a good choice to travel here. You can take Beijing Flights here and live in Beijing Hotels. Here are some tips when traveling to Harbin.

St Sophia Cathedral

In BC1903, with the establishment of the Chinese Eastern Railway, the Russia fourth troop had invaded Harbin. To keep soldiers’ minds steady who are away from hometown, Russia troops started to establish the ST Sophia Cathedral. At the same year, a cathedral of the whole wood structure was located in Harbin. In 27th, September, 1923, ST Sophia Cathedral started its second building and construction. After 9 years of considerable construction, a gorgeous, elegant and magnificent architecture had been completed.

St Sophia Cathedral is grand and exquisite. The body of the architecture is composed by the red bricks. The dome of it is like an grand and full onion head, while the four sides of dome are like tents heads. The head of the gate is a bell tower and seven music bells, which are exactly seven musical notes knocked by skilled bell ringers with both hands and feet.

St Sophia Cathedral composes the unique exotic scenic spot and city glam. At the meanwhile, it is an important historical evidence of Russia invading Harbin and precious site of Harbin’s history research.

Harbin Sun Island

Harbin Sun Island is a beautiful pearl in Harbin for its well known summer resort. It is the pride and honor of Harbin people. At the beginning of 1980, a famous song called The Beautiful Sun Island singed out its authentic flavor.

Harbin Sun Island has a beautiful scenery and the climate is comfortable in summer for its green wild, colorful flowers spreading the island, the white sea and sands around it. In winter, the Harbin Sun Island is wrapped in snow and ice, which is especially enchanting.

Harbin Sun Island culture is fascinating and attracting. It has a lot of ice and snow entertainments, such as the snow sliding, snow sailing, skating and hockey playing. Well known Harbin Snow Sculpture art expo and the civil ice sculpture contests are held once a year. At that time, various and diverse snow and ice sculptures are all around and unusually brilliant.

Harbin Central Street

Harbin Central Street is a rare architecture art street in China with 71 European style architectures and 13 buildings of renaissance style and Baroque style enjoying the protection of municipality level. Now it is the longest walking street in Asia.

Harbin Central Street is beautiful and in orders. Its unique European feel, buildings of shopping halls, abundant culture life and colorful recreational areas are totally becoming a bright view in Harbin.

Harbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snow World is born at the beach of Songhua River in 1999. Every year, it will hold an ice and snow art event, which collects the essence of the world snow arts and creates a garden including world level snow entertainment. It mix the ideas, arts, tours and entertainments together. The scene is huge and brand and is honored as the Snow Epic Poetry Picture Scroll.

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