When we step into the door of china air lines, we have already begun a journey of a china travel. What’s the most fashionable China Tours at this time? Of course, the answer is “Low-Carbon Tour”. During a low-carbon tour, we would consume the minimum of the nature resource. At the same time, we would be very close to the nature. So enjoy ourselves and contribute to the nature, why not?

1.      An Appreciation of the Red Leaves

As the season of fall is coming, it is the best time in a year to see the red leaves. You may need to drive half an hour to see the red leaves around where you live. But in Beijing, you have to clime a high mountain to do it. Here, we don’t do it by car in order to reduce the input of pollution to the air. As we all know, the greatest joy comes from what takes us a lot effort. So buckle your sneakers and get closer to the nature. The red leaves may appear much different to you!






2.      Fruit-picking in the Outskirts

Fall is the right time to go fruit-picking. In the outskirts of Beijing such as Huairou, Fangshan or Miyun, the big peaches, grapes or even corns, are alluring our eyes. This is for sure a great choice of green living! As we all know, the white pollution is very bad now. You can bring a big sack with you from home. So you don’t have to buy any plastic bag at the farm. The fruits are very fresh and you can also pick some and give them to your friends.

3.      Looking around Beijing Hutong by Bike

If you want to see the traditional part of Beijing, the best place would be those Hutong. The word Hutong comes from the language by a minority in northern China. It has a close relation to the wells in the street. Almost every Hutong has a well. So don’t forget to observe the well in a Hutong. Compare with the bustling city of Beijing, you may find peace and quietness in these narrow streets. There are many traditional courtyard houses in a hutong. You can go into the courtyard house and see what Beijingers are doing. Sometimes you may even see a reticent girl step out of a door and suddenly disappear in the corner of the street. Riding a bike around is very interesting and romantic experience!





4.      Hiking in Yeshanpo

Located in the suburb of Beijing, Yeshanpo is an ideal place for hiking. You can take a long walk in the big woods and listen to the songs by the birds. The trees there are almost of thousands of years old. There are also a lot of springs in the woods. When you are tired, take a rest near the river and maybe you could catch some fish too. You can also take a cruise on the river. At night, you can live in a local family where they would serve you the local food, all of which are organic food, planted in nature. You may even have the opportunity to get a whole sheep roasted, it is really very tasteful. Yeshanpo is for sure a good place close to the nature.

Beijing doesn’t only have its modern side. It also has a lot of interesting places for us to relax and to experience green living. Are you ready for your Beijing Tours?

Jack Li
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