When is the best time of year – financially – to fly? The best moment to buy air tickets is at low season – March to August, excluding the Labor Day. In China, you also should avoid the National Day (Oct 01st to 07th), New Years Day (Jan 01st to 03rd) and Spring Festive holiday (Feb 13th to 23rd). That’s actually the most expensive time to fly. On the other hand, if you plan your trip well in advance (and book your tickets at least three weeks in advance), you can find the ideal air tickets even in the tourist hot season. The earlier you make plan the cheaper tickets you will find.

According to research on airline ticket price myths, the best time to buy the cheapest air tickets is at the beginning of the week. The prices tend to go up as the week goes on and also buying your tickets in advance does seem to save you money in the long run. Only about 10 percent of all tickets that airlines offer are at a reduced price so there are some China Flights Deals to be found if you do your homework.  Now days, online tickets booking service is a good way to obtain cheap flights, you may even use some vertical search engines like Wego to compare prices of difference websites.

Still, it should be cautions to book tickets under 50% of the full price, because usually, they are non-changeable and non cancellable, any changes or cancellation may lead to full rates as penalty(except tax), so, if your trip was not firmly set, it is recommended to book tickets with easy cancellation terms. Also, big tickets agents are recommended, since they are more strong and professional, like ChinaTravelDepot, it works closely with All major airlines in China.

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    I would like to check why is online booking for August 2012 more expensive then June 2012 china domestic flights?

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